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How to Make the Pineapple Wave Loaded Tea

Take a tropical vacation without leaving the house with this loaded tea. 

This recipe was originally posted on Silver Lining Lessons and edited for Waka Coffee & Tea.

The Truth About Loaded Teas

Loaded teas are a beautiful mix of mostly tea powders, vitamins, aloe liquid, guarana powder and flavor powders mixed with water. Some of the claimed health benefits of loaded teas are: increased energy, focus and weight loss. 

Loaded teas were initially found at nutrition clubs around the country, particularly in small-town America. The loaded tea products sold in these clubs were mostly the product of a large multi-level marketing company (MLM) that sells these dietary supplements. In recent years, several online creators started developing their own loaded tea recipes that customers could make at home for fraction of the price. 

Make The Pineapple Wave Loaded Tea

What are loaded teas



  1. Dissolve 4C citrus & 4C orange, tea powder, guarana powder and strawberry mango mix in 6 oz hot water
  2. Pour into bottom of cup. Then, pack cup with ice
  3. Coat top of ice with cold aloe vera juice
  4. Mix horchata with 8 oz cold water: add mixture into cup and enjoy!
how to make loaded tea at home


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