Mushroom Coffee vs. Instant Coffee


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Mushroom Coffee vs. Instant Coffee

You might have seen instant mushroom coffee trending on your social media feed lately, but what is it exactly and where did it come from?

What is Mushroom Coffee?


As coffee has always been a constant staple in many people’s daily routines, it is no surprise that various coffee blends and recipes have their moment to shine on social media. The newest coffee trend you may have seen people on your social media mentioning is mushroom coffee. So what is mushroom coffee exactly and what makes it so special?

Mushroom coffee is a type of coffee blend that incorporates medicinal mushrooms. Generally, it is normal ground coffee mixed with powdered medicinal mushroom extracts. Unlike what you might initially think, the coffee does not taste mushroomy. This is because the mushrooms used are not typically culinary mushrooms like shiitake. Instead, the mushrooms used in the blend have more of an earthy taste. So mushroom coffee’s flavor is somewhat similar to regular coffee.

Depending on the brand and the mix, the coffee blend can contain different types of mushrooms. The most common types of mushrooms you can expect are Chaga, Turkey’s Tail, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps.

How is Mushroom Coffee Made?


The idea of dropping mushrooms into your coffee can seem daunting and unappealing. Luckily, the mushroom powder found in coffee blend is made in a specific way so that mushroom coffee will still taste like your favorite beverage. To make mushroom coffee, the mushrooms are picked, dried, and put through an extraction process. This extraction is then grounded into a powder and added into regular coffee grounds. Generally, coffee grounds and powdered medicinal mushrooms are mixed together in a one to one ratio.

Mushroom Coffee vs. Instant Coffee


If your favorite daily coffee is instant coffee, then you may be wondering if mushroom coffee is any different from instant coffee. Let’s check out the differences between them so you can decide which is best for you!

Caffeine Content

For many, drinking coffee is not just for enjoyment of flavor, but to benefit from the energy boost it gives the body. So how does mushroom coffee and instant coffee compare in terms of caffeine content?

In an 8-ounce cup of instant coffee, there is typically about 62 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, A 7 fl oz cup has about 40 mg of caffeine, depending on the brand you choose. This is compared to brewed coffee, which has 70 – 140 mg caffeine in 8 oz. cup

Brewing Process

Those who love instant coffee as their daily cup of joe, or are busy and always on-the-go appreciate the convenience of instant coffee. So how does mushroom coffee’s brewing process compare?

Instant coffee only requires you to add instant coffee crystals to warm or room temperature water and stir until fully dissolved to quickly get your delicious cup of coffee. As it requires no other coffee tools, produces no waste, and has relatively no preparation and brewing wait time, it is perfect for those who are always on the go or those who prefer simple and quick ways to get their delicious cup of coffee.

On the other hand, as most mushroom coffees are a ground coffee blend, it requires more work to brew your cup of coffee. Unlike Waka Coffee’s instant coffee, mushroom coffee requires a coffee maker or dripper to properly extract the ground coffee beans. Additionally, there is a brewing wait time and produces coffee ground and filter wastes that need to be thrown away. 

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