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Frozen Coffee Slushie Recipe With Instant Coffee

This post was originally posted on Never Ending Journeys by Heidi Miller and edited for Waka Coffee.

Frozen coffee shouldn't be only a summer treat. Make this delicious and easy to make instant coffee slush in the comfort of your home.

How does instant coffee work?

The best part is, this refreshing and energizing coffee slushie only takes 3 simple ingredients to make. It doesn’t get any easier than that!



  • Pour 3 tsp Instant Coffee into large glass and set aside.
  • Bring 12 oz. of water to a gentle boil, and pour over instant coffee granules in glass, then stir until well combined.
  • Now place 1/3 cup of your brewed Coffee in the refrigerator.
  • Pour remaining brewed Coffee into an ice-cube tray, and place in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours, or until completely frozen.

The untold truth of instant coffee

  • Once coffee cubes are frozen, transfer 1/2 of them into a blender.
  • Add Chilled Coffee, Half and Half, and Sugar into blender, and blend well.
  • Then add remaining frozen Coffee Cubes to blender, and continue blending until well combined.
  • Serve immediately, top with Whip Cream if you'd like, and ENJOY!

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