Airbnb Hosting 101: How to Create The Best Coffee Station


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Airbnb Hosting 101: How to Create The Best Coffee Station

Give your Airbnb guests easy access to the world’s favorite caffeine booster.

You want to impress your guests and your Airbnb coffee selection is a great way to start. We’ll show you how to set up a world-class, practical homemade coffee station in your Airbnb kitchen, fully fitted with a variety of coffee and tea options for your guests. 

Steps to Make the Perfect Airbnb Coffee Station

1. Identify the Part of Your Kitchen You’ll Use

First, begin by mapping out where your coffee station will be. It should be easily accessible, and easy to find. A separate space on your kitchen countertop or any kitchen corner will work as well. 

If there’s enough space beside your refrigerator and it won’t get in the way, this also works too. Lookout for space in your kitchen that works best for you, and use it as needed.

2. Design Your Space

There are different coffee station ideas to inspire what your coffee bar will look like (we’ll share some below.)

Once you have the coffee and coffee supplies ready, you can put your coffee station together. Style up the station with coffee decor signs and other creative items that alert guests, telling them where to go for coffee and tea.

You can install floating shelves above the kettle and canisters to create space for the coffee supply items to sit. Also, label containers with the names of the items they contain. This will help guests identify what’s where.

3. Keep It Organized

Many guests will attempt to leave the coffee station just like they met it. So if you set up your coffee station in a disorganized way, they’ll leave it even worse. Place mugs on the rack and spoons or stirrers in a jar. 

If possible, install a drawer to keep things like towels, paper cups, placemats, saucers, beverage coasters, and more.

What Should You Include in a Coffee Station?

What you put in your Airbnb coffee station largely depends on your budget, however, there are a few must-haves for every coffee station. Let’s check them out below:

1. Waka Instant Coffee

Having an instant coffee product like Waka's in your Airbnb coffee station makes the most sense. Why? Because it’s instant and easier, of course!

Imagine weary travelers come in after a long journey, needing a quick caffeine boost to relax their nerves. Nobody wants to brew a hot pot at that moment. 

With your Airbnb instant coffee supply available, they can get a cup of coffee going in no time while they put their feet up and relax.

On your end, there is no coffee mess to clean as the granules will dissolve in your guest's cup. You also don't need to invest in a fancy coffeemaker when you serve a premium instant coffee option.

2. Coffee Storage

Improve the aesthetics of your coffee station with good-looking canisters or storage packs for coffee and tea. You can buy canisters that come with a custom label or just print your own label. The design and color of the canisters you choose should match the overall look and feel of your Airbnb property and the coffee station you are creating.


3. Sweeteners and Creamer

Cater for coffee drinkers who don’t like it black too! Don’t forget to provide sweeteners such as sugar, sugar alternatives, syrups, and creamers for guests who would like some sweetness in their coffee.


4. Mugs and Spoons

Your guests would need fancy mugs and spoons or stirrers to prepare their coffee. Install an easily accessible mug rack at the coffee station with a jar of spoons close to it, making it easy for guests to find.

5. Decor

Give your Airbnb coffee station a homey look with bits and bobs of decor. Don’t overdo it, just a little decorative touch is all you need.

Airbnb Coffee Station Ideas to Help You Get Started

The All-in-One Coffee Bar

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This coffee station stand is a versatile companion for all things coffee. It’s a metal-framed flat-topped table that comes with a microwave oven compartment, wire basket, six (6) hooks for mugs, and extra shelves for other items.

It’s the perfect coffee station for Airbnb property with large spaces. It fits well against the wall, beside the kitchen island, and even in the middle of the kitchen. 

Mobile Coffee Station with Drop Leaf

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This station is great for Airbnb kitchens that are short on space. Its drop leaf extender allows you more surface area to work on when needed and can be tucked away neatly when you’re done. It has a three-layered shelf, three drawers, a spice rack, and a towel bar; everything you need to house all your coffee supplies. 

It has four casters that allow you to move the station about easily, and secure locks that keep it stationary when you need it secured.

Wall-Mounted Coffee Station

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If you have some space on the wall, you can mount this coffee mug organizer (or any other floating shelf) on the wall to store your mugs and coffee supplies. 

To make this work, your coffee machine should be just below the organizer on a kitchen countertop or a tabletop. 

Get Your Coffee Station Ready

Renting out an Airbnb means you have to put your guests first above all else. 

This means providing a steady supply of coffee for them, even if you’re not much of a coffee drinker yourself. So, let your coffee station serve as the perfect DIY coffee spot. With Waka instant coffee packs in your station, you make the process even breezier.

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