The Full Guide to Coffee On The Go


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The Full Guide to Coffee On The Go

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you’d know that with a busy schedule, it’s not always possible to leisurely drink your coffee in the comforts of your home.

With the demands of the day ahead, taking your coffee to go is the best option. Here we have a few tips on how to take your coffee with you.

Lifestyle & Coffee

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Coffee is drank around the world by billions of people with their own unique personalities and ways of life. It is a beverage that compliments all types of lifestyles including fast paced ones, frequent travelers, and those who occasionally prefer to take it slow.


For those with packed schedules from the moment your day starts to when you get back home, bringing your coffee with you saves a lot of time. The fast paced lifestyle many people have today, from working adults to college students, doesn’t allow for a lot of down time, especially time for savoring a cup of coffee. Rather, people with this lifestyle prefer a fast caffeine fix to help keep them on the move without succumbing to drowsiness or tiredness. For instance, college students may need a quick cup of coffee to keep them going as they study for long hours for exams. The perfect solution for these types of people is to bring their coffee on the go so they can have a cup of coffee anywhere at any time.


take your coffee on the go on backpacking trips

We all know a few people whose social media accounts feature pictures from countries around the world they’ve traveled and are still exploring the world. And hey, maybe even you’re the person who has caught the travel bug! How do you get your daily cup of joe while traveling? Well, travel with your coffee of course! Without having to rely on potentially unsatisfying hotel coffee or spending a lot of extra money buying coffee at cafes, you can bring your coffee with you. There are a variety of different coffees on the market, even coffee for traveling. Coffee, such as instant coffee, are packaged and made in a way that makes it easy and lightweight to pack in your bag to ensure you always get quality coffee no matter where you go.

Take a Break With Coffee

While some people can sustain an on-the-go lifestyle for long periods of time, or even forever, some need a break to recover and relax before reality returns. This relaxation period can be helped with coffee. Imagine sitting comfortably on your couch coffee in hand, sun shining through the windows, birds softly chirping, the distinct smell of coffee filling your nose... sounds pretty nice huh? Coffee and caffeine can be a relaxing habit for some people and this is because caffeine, in small amounts, can help put you in a better mood and rid you of stress. So next time you need a break from life, try combining your relaxation hobby with a cup of joe.

Five Easiest Ways to Take Coffee With You On-The-Go

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Instant Coffee

One of the best ways to make and take your coffee with you is by using premium instant coffee. With instant coffee, you are able to bring single-serve packets with you and easily make a cup of coffee just by dissolving the crystal granules with water. Waka Coffee’s instant coffee is an example of great instant coffee for traveling. Available in small and lightweight packets, you are able to throw them in your bag for future use. Need to know the exact weight of each packet for your next backpacking trip? Check out our FAQ page.

Coffee Thermos/Tumblers

Storing your coffee in a thermos is a great way to keep hot or cold coffee with you on-the-go. It allows you to bring it with you into your car without worrying about spilling and you can easily carry it around or put into a bag. You can also keep just water in the thermos to mix with instant coffee when you need a caffeine boost.

Cold Brew in Pre-made Bottle

While bringing your own coffee in a thermos is a bit more eco-friendly, you can also bring your coffee with you by buying cold brew in a pre-made bottle at your local grocery store. Many brands and large chains sell bottles of cold brew for your convenience. It can be easy to pick up a bottle on your way to work or school and put into your bag to drink throughout the day.


The Aeropress is a coffee maker that can easily and quickly make coffee. It is lightweight and can be taken around during camping trips. If you are running short on time, you can make a cup of coffee faster than the traditional brewing method.

Silicone Drip Brewer

These are single cup drip coffee makers and are great for traveling, camping, and hiking trips. Most are made collapsable and make for easy storage in a bag. Although it still requires a coffee filter, it is another low maintenance and a faster brewing method in comparison to the traditional brew methods.

How to Choose The Best Coffee Thermos

With many brands and types of thermoses on the market today, it can be a bit tricky to figure out which one to get. Here are a few characteristics of a thermos you should keep in mind in order to choose the best coffee thermos for your needs.


The size of the thermos you choose is an important factor. For instance, smaller container sizes will fit more easily in purses and bags. Also, if you’re the type to drink a lot of coffee and like to sip on it throughout the day, larger thermoses are preferable. Thermoses can come in a range of sizes such as 12 oz, 18 oz, 22 oz, 32 oz, and many more. It is important to buy the size that will be best for you needs and coffee drinking habits.


The material is another factor that should be considered. This is dependent not only on coffee needs, but also partially on personal aesthetic preferences. Many thermoses are made of stainless steel, but can also be made of glass and other different materials. It is important to do your research as certain types of material will hold the heat of your coffee longer. However, if you’re a cold coffee drinker, this may not be as significant for your needs. The material of the grip or sleeve is also something to note. Some are made of silicone and others can be made of material like cork. Some are built into the thermos itself and others are removable.

Style and Design

Lastly, style and design is purely up to personal preferences on the type of aesthetic you want for your thermos. Depending on the brand, there may be a wide range of different colors to choose from. Another customizable design would be lid and top options. Some tops are made just for the thermos, while others can be changed out with different ones. A few different lids could be leak proof, straw lids, snap lids over mouth opening, etc. It is essential you choose the type of thermos top for your daily routine. For example, a coffee thermos for a car ride would include one that is leak proof. The shape and weight of the bottle is something to also keep in mind. For instance, some thermoses have plastic handles for convenience in carrying, which can add to the overall weight.

Tips on how to make your best coffee on the go

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Now that we’ve covered coffee and lifestyle, thermoses, and how to take coffee on-the-go, here are a few tips for how to make coffee to take with you on your busy day.

  • If you have a sweet tooth and sugar is an important part of your coffee routine, bring to-go packets of your preferred sugar along with your coffee.
  • Bring the best instant coffee to make your coffee on the go. The best quality ones are made of 100% Arabica beans and utilize the freeze drying process instead of spray drying, like Waka Coffee.
  • If you want to make iced coffee, make sure you change up your coffee to water ratio! You need to make your coffee a bit stronger (less water) so your coffee won’t get diluted when the ice starts to melt.
  • Make your coffee in a thermos so you can keep your coffee hot or cold for longer periods of time.

No matter what your preferred lifestyle, coffee is a great way to supplement it! Not only that, it is very easy to take around with you during the day and even when traveling. We hope you can enjoy great tasting coffee on-the-go in your perfect thermos!

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