best coffee routine coffee hacks for college students
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Coffee Hacks for the College Student

If you are a student or parent of a college student, you probably know the importance of coffee. Explore how you can make your coffee experience even easier.

Coffee can end up being a little pricey if you are buying 3-4 cups a day, so it is very important to hack the caffeine game as much as possible, especially on a college budget. If you are a college student and are looking to maximize your coffee intake with ease, read ahead!

1. Find a small and affordable spot

best coffee tips for college students

Most colleges have coffee shops or restaurants that serve coffee on campus. Unfortunately, most campus dining options are expensive and not always the best quality. If you need to buy coffee and can’t make it yourself in a dorm or apartment, find the cheapest place to buy coffee and the least populated shop. Nothing is worse than heading off to class and being stuck in a 20-minute line for a cup of coffee. To avoid being late, you could have to wake up early to get to your coffee before rush hour, but that would mean cutting down on sleep time, therefore making the search for coffee even more necessary. The moral of this story is to find the most cost effective and fast-moving coffee destination on campus!

2. Brew up in-dorm

how to make instant coffee in a college dorm

If you have the luxury of space in your college dorm room or apartment, it is highly recommended to make coffee for yourself rather than go get it elsewhere. It will save precious time and give you an excuse to spend that extra 10 minutes in bed every morning. Even more importantly, on those extremely busy nights where you might need to get a cup of joe at 3 am, you can brew up a mug from the comfort of your room! No need to worry if the shops on campus are closed! Brewing coffee in your dorm or apartment can also cut down on spending. Buying coffee grounds or quality instant coffee is less expensive than driving to get coffee or constantly buying drinks at a local chain. Not only this, but brewing coffee in house usually results in using mugs and cups, which are a very sustainable option and reduce the amount of waste you are producing! Look at that, cost effective AND environmentally friendly!

3. To-go options

coffee hack how to make coffee without a coffee maker

This cannot be stressed enough—MAKE SURE to have a to go mug or cup for your coffee. College schedules can be extremely fast paced, so you need a to-go mug that can keep up with that schedule! You won’t have to worry about running out of caffeine in class because you are bringing it along. Seriously, nothing is worse than running off to class with a paper coffee cup and spilling all over the place or having the coffee be cold by the time you arrive to your seat. Even worse, we have all seen that poor kid who spills their coffee on their desk, therefore ruining their homework or breaking their laptop computer. What a shame! To avoid these disasters, the perfect portable mug is required. It needs to be easily opened and closed, keep beverages warm, and easily carried. Portable mugs are also wonderful because they are reusable and can be very easily cleaned in the sink. If you are looking for a great travel mug that checks off all this criteria, check out Waka Coffee’s new travel set here!

4. Going instant

make premium instant coffee in college

Choosing instant coffee over other at-home brewing options is such a power move for the college student. It saves time and space in an already crammed and hectic world. It is so incredibly tasty and easy to use, making it perfect for the college student in a rush. All instant coffee requires is water and a mug, which most students have easily at their disposal. Waka Coffee’s instant coffee is incredibly delicious, so nobody has to sacrifice taste for convenience. It is also avaialbe in a decaf option, in case you need some caffeine kick, but still want to fall asleep afterwords. Yes, you can have it all when using Waka’s instant coffee! It is also very small and easily stored which is perfect for those in small dorms that are already filled to the brim with clothes and textbooks. Seriously… why so many textbooks?

5. Amazon prime

best coffee college hacks for students

OK, every college student has probably figured out by now that amazon prime is seriously a gift from the heavens. They can shop for everything they could possibly need online, and have it delivered to their dorm. This comes especially in handy when most students do not have a car and cannot afford to spend money on Ubers to and from stores. Amazon prime is also the key to success for students at very rural schools where big grocery stores or chain stores might not be available at all. Given how much of a life saver amazon delivery is, it is crucial that the coffee you order be available on prime. It cuts down shipping time and cost, making coffee consumption much more reliable! Don't worry, Waka is also available on Amazon Prime!!

6. Turning coffee into more

instant coffee hacks how to make it

College students are experts at making things multipurpose. Textbooks turn from book to table to notepad to coaster at the blink of an eye! Why not make sure you can use your coffee products in many ways as well? The basic black coffee drink can be transformed into iced coffee, blended into a sugary coffee beverage, and can even be paired with alcoholic drinks if you are a 21+ student. Beyond drinks, though, coffee can be used in many different food recipes as well. Instant coffee powder pairs wonderfully with any chocolate desserts and baked goods. It is also perfect for making at-home protein bars with a caffeine twist! In general, it is important to make sure that every purchase has multiple uses and is also easily used.

Whatever coffee cuts time, cost, and hassle is an approved purchase for college students. This is exactly why Waka Coffee is such a good buy for every student.

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