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10 Best Milk Frothers to Make Café-Style Coffee at Home

Stop splurging on fancy coffee art when you can make your delicious foamy coffee drink at home with no time.

It happened more times than you can count on one hand. You fall in love with a particular drink from your coffee shop and want to mimic it at home, thinking it will save you some money. You make sure you get the right coffee, use the right mug, add in all the fancy additions, and it’s just not the same delicious cappuccino that your coffee shop has. Why is that? The reason behind it might be the milk the baristas use. 

Yes, baristas use the same milk that you buy in the supermarket, but it’s just not the same! There’s actually a hidden secret when it comes down to the milk that coffee shops all over use to give you that mouth-watering drink. So really what is that secret? 

the best milk frother

They froth the milk that is going into your coffee drinks and give the coffee a little extra flavor and a creamy feel. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the best items from Amazon that will help you froth your milk to give you that Café-Style Coffee at home!


The goal of a milk frother is to add aerated bubbles into the milk to give it a creamy consistency. The bubbles make the milk become fluffy, adding an extra layer to your brew. That creamy goodness that often comes with those pretty brews from the coffee shop is the result of a milk frother, giving the milk some foam to play with.

Frothed milk can be used to not only pour the milk into the coffee, but also to add an extra layer of milk to the brew on top. Some coffees only require coffee and milk, whereas others have an additional layer of milk on the brim, ready to give you a funny looking mustache.


You would think that making milk in a fancy method doesn’t really do much for the outcome of the coffee, but in reality it changes the flavor of the coffee for the better. When you pour regular milk into your coffee you are just giving the coffee a taste of milk, nothing more. When milk is frothed it creates bubbles in the milk, making the actual milk have multiple layers throughout. Your cup of coffee becomes more than just a simple coffee and milk mixture, you are giving the aromas of the two a chance to aerate into each other, creating more flavor. 


what is the best way to froth milk like at the coffee shop

Frothing milk may seem difficult, but the good news is that you can froth your milk at home with many different methods! Frothing milk can be as simple as boiling milk, whisking/shaking, or as difficult as pumping milk manually. If doing things manually isn’t your cup of tea, frothed milk can be made with the help of machines (both handheld and automatic frothers). Each of these methods to froth milk can be done in as little as 5 minutes, so really you are not wasting time by frothing your milk. Whichever method you choose to froth your milk will give you that extra flavor in your coffee that you were searching for for so long.

Save yourself the long lines in the morning and learn how to make your favorite coffee shop drink at home using instant coffee and frothed milk.


Here are 10 methods to make your morning routine a little easier and give you the Café-Style Coffee that you need each morning by frothing your milk. Perfect for all your coffee and hot chocolate inspired cravings!

1. Handheld Milk Frother

When you’re in a hurry and just want your milk to be frothed (the fancy way) quickly, turn to a handheld milk frother to do the trick! Just pour coffee and milk and stir the beverage with this handheld device. It’ll create a vortex in the middle of the beverage that will evenly mix all the parts of the drink, giving you even layers of aerated coffee. 

PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother

This stainless steel handheld milk frother will give you that creamy consistency you are looking for, quickly. It comes in 2 different colors for your liking. Perfect for your hot chocolates, cappuccinos, and lattes. 

This item was reviewed as being “easy to use,” “easy to clean,” and a product they would use “every day.”

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2. Automatic Milk Frother

If holding a handheld device while you make your beverage isn’t your style, try an automatic milk frother. Just pour your milk (whole milk works best) inside the canister and froth your milk. With a quick push of a button, your milk will be frothed in as little as 2 minutes! Once the timer goes off your milk will be frothed enough to pour into your coffee and ready for you to enjoy a fresh brew speciality brew!

Secura Electric Milk Frother

This coffee frother can produce hot dense foam, hot fluffy foam, hot milk and cold foam, allowing you to create cafe-flavored cream foam at home and enjoy coffee time with family and friends.

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3. Electric Milk Steamer

The electric milk steamer is similar to the automatic milk frother, but instead of frothing the milk it steams it. It's also electric compared to the battery-operated automatic frother, so it needs to be near an outlet. Frothed milk adds aerated bubbles to the milk, whereas steamed milk is heated milk that creates smooth layers within the milk. When you are frothing milk, the milk remains cold, which creates an equilibrium of temperatures between the coffee and the milk. On the other hand steamed milk makes the milk hot, so you do not lose any temperature of your warm coffee drink.

4. Milk Frother and Steamer

Why have multiple devices when you can have a 2 in 1. This device both froths your milk and steams it. You can easily choose what you are in the mood for in terms of your milk preferences. You can use different milks for different drinks. For example, have frothed milk for Cappuccinos and steamed milk for Americanos. Here you get both options available to you at the push of a button all in 1 simple device at a very low cost. 

5. Stainless Steel Milk Jugsteamed vs frother coffee

This stainless steel milk jug sits on an open flame and will froth your milk, ready for you to pour into your coffee. It heats and stir the milk at the same time using its whisk. You will get the added effect of having heated milk as well as an evenly smooth blend, making your cup of coffee smooth and decadent -- just like those from your coffee shop!

Secura Milk Frother Milk Jug

make coffee shop coffee at home


Secura's 8.45 oz stainless steel jug heats milk from the bottom while the contents are stirred together and frothed on top. It has a convenient handle and spout for pouring. Jug also removes from base for easy pouring and cleaning. 

“Dishwasher safe,” “impressed.” and “useful gadget” were among the many of reviews by customers who purchased this product.

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6. Portable USB Handheld Milk Frother

Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your Café-Style Coffee! If you decided to take your Waka Coffee with you on a camping trip, consider taking a portable frother too (if you don't drink your coffee black). With a portable handheld milk frother you can bring the coffee shops with you on your trip. Just charge the device with the attached USB and pack it in your bag for your next trip. With the help of instant coffee you can bring those barista creations with you even on the most extravagant adventures. Works as any other handheld milk frother would, but lets you carry it around to feed your needs at all times, even in the mountains.

LinsnField Rechargeable Milk Frother

the best instant coffee on amazon

Perfect to take with you to the office or on a trip, packs easily in any bag (9.6” in total). USB charger can be plugged into any outlet, computer, or car to quickly recharge the battery. Battery life lasts up to 5 hours when fully charged. 

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7. Mason Jars

If you don't want to use any equipment, try using a mason jar to bring your milk to that level of frothiness you desire. All you would need to do is heat up some milk in a saucepan for a couple of minutes, pour the milk in a mason jar, and shake the jar until it reaches the level of frothiness you prefer. You can decide if you want to froth the milk more, or if the froth that was created by a few shakes is more than enough. 

KAMOTA Mason Jars

12 pack 16 oz mason jars are perfect for all your frothing needs. These jars aren’t limited to frothing milk but can also be used to store foods such as jams, baby food, honey, or even be used as a party favor. Classic and elegant look that will keep your food FDA safe. Each jar comes with a sealed-tight lid for easy storage and no spillage. 

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8. Microwave

One of the most simple forms to froth milk is to use a microwave. Yes, a microwave! Who knew? Heat up the milk in the microwave for a few seconds (not more than 60 seconds) and then stir the milk once it is ready. This whisking method will give you the hot and creamy milk that you want but requires little to no effort. 

Commercial Chef Microwave 

700 watt microwave can heat up milk very quickly for frothing. 10 different power levels and 6 cooking settings to give you the level that you desire with great flexibility. Including a LED display clock for kitchen timing as well. 

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9. Milk Cafe Milk Frother

These industrial like devices are just like the ones that coffee shops use. The price can be a little pricey but that is because all the experts use it... The beauty of this device is that not only does it heat and froth your milk, but also you can add powders and syrups to the mixture as well. Adding these additions will not only froth your milk but will also froth your entire drink. The coffee, sugar, milk, and syrups will all be evenly blended, giving you multiple layers of creaminess.

Breville Milk Frother

Makes smooth and silky milk, and creates a very creamy drink. Leaves room for powders and syrups to be added to the mix as well. Dishwasher safe, easy cleaning. 

Customers described this product as being “lovable,” “pricey but worth it,” and would “highly recommend” amongst their peers.

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10. Manual Hand Pump

One of the hardest methods, if not the hardest, to froth milk is to do this by hand. The reason for this method being so hard is because you are pumping the milk manually until it becomes frothed. The more you pump the milk, the more your hand tires out, making it harder for you to continue pumping the milk.

Since milk is such a delicate substance, you can’t start pumping the milk and return later after you have taken a break. Another reason for this being the hardest method to froth milk is that it is time consuming. This method cannot be done as you are rushing to leave the house as there will not be enough time for you to actually froth it to the right level.

Bellemain Hand Pump Milk Frother

This hand pump milk frother will give you a long-lasting thick milk froth. Can pump up 14 oz of milk froth in a matter of seconds. No electricity is needed, so it can be portable (may be heavy, but you will have fresh milk froth). It is also dishwasher safe, which is important when dealing with milk.

“Makes great foam,” “beautiful and functional,” “amazed at the froth,” and “perfect” were some of the reviews that were mentioned by customers.

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