How to Make Coffee Concentrate With Instant Coffee

Love milk-based coffees? Reduce the water in your cup with an instant coffee concentrate for a thicker and stronger drink.

Coffee concentrate creates a thicker and more powerful coffee liquid. It’s a fast way to make a batch of coffee that you can usually store in your fridge for about a week. It’s great for iced coffee lattes because you can easily dissolve it with milk. You can even have it as is with some ice or diluted with more water, sweeteners or milk. 

What’s the difference between coffee concentrate and instant coffee concentrate?

make the best coffee concentrate in an instant

Regular coffee concentrate requires coffee beans, a coffee grinder, and a lot of time to prep. You need to grind the coffee and soak it in water overnight. If you don’t have a cold brew maker, then you have to filter out all the small coffee grinds with a cheese cloth until you get rid of all of them. Overall, it’s quite tedious and can become a mess if you’re not an expert. 

With instant coffee, you don’t need multiple containers, you don’t need special equipment, and you don’t even need to filter it. Since the instant coffee is freeze dried, it will dissolve and incorporate into the water immediately. Even after you’ve stored it in the fridge overnight, there’s no need to filter anything out; it’s ready to pour and enjoy. 

How do you make instant coffee concentrate? 

Making an instant coffee concentrate is very simple and only takes 10 minutes to prepare. Here’s how to make it: 



  1. In a small pot, heat up 2 cups of water on medium heat

cold water instant coffee

Note: Do not bring water to a boil as it will burn the instant coffee

  1. Pour in ½ cup of instant coffee and gently stir

make instant coffee with room temperature water

  1. Turn the heat down to medium low and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally

Do you have to use hot water for instant coffee?

  1. Pour the liquid into a container and refrigerate overnight

how to make a delicious instant coffee concentrate

  1. Add ice, milk, or your favorite sweetener and enjoy!

how to make instant coffee taste better


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