The Best Christmas Coffee Gifts You Can Find on Amazon


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The Best Christmas Coffee Gifts You Can Find on Amazon

What a better way to get closer with your loved ones this year than to share with them something 63% of Americans spend all year connecting over? Coffee!

Coffee is one of the most social things we do. We take time out of the day to execute business meetings, first dates, job interviews, family brunches, birthday celebrations, and so many more occasions over a couple cups of coffee, all year round.

So, while you’re trying to figure out how to show your loved ones you’re grateful for all the memories you’ve shared with a thoughtful gift, why not consider taking your inspiration from all those fond times you had over coffee?

Best coffee gifts for coffee lovers you can find on Amazon

1. Espresso Beverage Chart

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We know that even as a coffee lover, it’s difficult to branch out and try new things when the options not only seem endless, but pretty confusing. With this 18 x 24 inch poster, you’ll never have to worry about losing your coffee cred again.

This elegant chart breaks down twenty three of the world’s most notable espresso beverages with clean visuals of the drinks, organized by name and composition.

Not to mention, it details the ingredients used for each beverage, as well as the difference in espresso shots via caffeine concentrate and flavor.

2. Arabica Coffee Scrub

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This coffee sugar scrub is multifaceted to fit all your hair and skin needs. As most sugar scrubs go, this product is designed to exfoliate your dead skin. Moreover, this blend brings together fresh coffee grinds, sea salt, and coconut oil to rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin after taking off all the dead particles.

Because this scrub is using 100% arabica coffee, not only will it smell great but, it will help to prevent premature signs of aging in the skin like wrinkles and lines.

It will also help with alleviating any swelling or inflammation, which is normal for those of us who struggle with puffy eyes and dark circles.

3. Waka Instant Coffee Set

This one is for the coffee lover on the go. This set includes all of our unflavored single-origin quality instant coffees. Try instant coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea.

These blends will take as little as three seconds to make, and the best part they taste so good. Gift it to the camper or adventure seeker in your life, or to someone who is on a rush every morning.

4. Coffee Grinder

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You know that little walk of shame you have to make back to your car after taking a pound of whole bean coffee to your local cafe, asking them to grind it for you, just to find out you have no idea what setting you need to have it ground on for your particular coffee filter? Well, this might just keep you from ever having to ask yourself or your barista about grinder settings, ever again.

This in-house coffee grinder works based on timed settings, so you can have you grinds in as quick as 20 seconds, depending on how you like them. It is easy to take apart, easy to clean, and most importantly, easy to use for all levels of coffee lovers.

5. Coffee Face Mask

This anti-aging face mask is rich with caffeine content for intense awakening. Give your skin an energy kick and leave it feeling awakened, cleared of impurities and looking more radiant and pores looking refined.

Packed full of exfoliating coffee, hydrating Apple Extract and rejuvenating green tea, this face mask will tone, brighten and exfoliate without clogging pores. 

6. NEXT Syphon Brewer

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If you’re shopping for someone who likes their coffee a little on the bougie side, this one is for you. This Siphon Brewer from Hario comes complete with a stainless steel burner, cover, filter, and stand. It’s made with quality borosilicate glass, to resist heat. Not to mention, it’s equipped with a reusable metal filter, so you never need to worry about waste. And unlike most Syphon Brewers, this one is priced at less than $90. It’s a holiday miracle, if we’ve ever seen one. 

7. Coffee Passport

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This one is super cute and fun for the beginners and the experts, alike. This coffee journal lets coffee drinkers record their first experiences with blends from different roasters around the world. The twenty page entry log includes sections for writers to jot down every detail of their first coffee impressions like where the blend is from, what notes it has, where the experience is occurring, and who is around for it.

And, at the end of the book, the writers get to make coffee bucket lists and record rites of passages. Perfect for starting a venture into coffee culture or refining your experiences in the world of coffee. 

8. DIY Cold Brew Kit

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This is for the one who drinks iced brews all year round. This DIY Cold Brew Kit comes with a 64 oz. glass jar for brewing and a reusable cotton cloth filter that’ll last users over a year. It makes up to six cups of cold brewed coffee concentrate and is easy to clean. 

9. Sustainable Water Filter

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Every good coffee drinker knows the pain of having to filter water for their brewer, if they don’t have a built in water dispenser from a fridge. For example, if you’re shopping for a college student, this gift is beyond ideal. The SOMA water filter holds up to ten glasses of water, and is proven to reduce common toxins in water such as mercury, chlorine, and copper.


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