8 Tips for Making the Best Instant Coffee


8 Tips for Making the Best Instant Coffee
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8 Tips for Making the Best Instant Coffee

There are quite a few ways to make your next cup of instant coffee excellent. Let's explore.

8 Tips for Making the Best Instant Coffee

Instant coffee isn’t as simple as “add water.” Just like any other kind of coffee, instant coffee deserves a loving embrace as you make it, and here are some ways to provide that.

1. Use Fresh Drawn Water


A lot of people may be under the impression that the water you use for your instant coffee is inconsequential. Here at Waka coffee, we beg to differ. When you’re trying to make the best cup of instant coffee, it’s important that you use fresh water.

When we say fresh water, we mean water that hasn’t been boiled previously. When you boil water, especially hard water, you start to change the taste of the water. Boiling water allows oxygen to escape, and it changes the taste of your water, which ultimately changes the taste of your coffee.

Only boil enough water for your next cup of coffee. This helps you conserve water, and prevents you from re-boiling unused water from your last batch.

2. Pick a Dedicated Coffee Spoon


This is a fun one, and you’ll see why. The amount of instant coffee you use is going to change the overall strength (and flavor) of your coffee. When you’re making instant coffee, your spoon can be a game changer.

If you want the best instant coffee, try making your next few cups of coffee with a different spoon. Then, be sure to take note of which cups of coffee you preferred. This is going to help you narrow down your new dedicated coffee spoon, and help you make the best instant coffee every time.

3. Buy High Quality Instant Coffee


If you want the best cup of instant coffee, you need the best instant coffee to make it with! There’s a big difference between the way instant coffee used to taste and how it tastes now.

When we make our instant coffee, we only use the highest quality products and methods. Our coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, and it’s single origin. This gives our coffee a rich, deep flavor that’s complex. You’ll love it. We also use advanced freeze drying technology, which allows us to preserve all of the coffee flavor you know and love.

If you want to make great instant coffee, you have to start with a great product.

4. Heat Your Water the Right Way


We say this with the utmost love, but please, for the love of coffee, don’t microwave your water! Microwaved water is going to affect your coffee’s flavor in a major way. It’s not the same as boiling water, which actually aerates the liquid. We touched on that a little bit before, too. While it can lead to a bad taste with old water, it’s perfect when you use fresh water.

When you heat your water, try to get it down to a routine where you pull it from the burner right before boiling. Boiled water is great, but it’s a little too hot. The best instant coffee is made with water that’s just about to boil. You’ll get the best flavor that way.

5. Pick a Dedicated Coffee Cup, Too


Picking a dedicated coffee cup is probably a bit harder than picking a dedicated spoon, right? Coffee cups come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them are really cute or fun. As such, narrowing down the right cup is often hard. It makes a difference, though, when you’re making instant coffee especially.

Every coffee cup is going to have a different volume. When you want to make the best cup of instant coffee every time, you want to replicate every part of the process. This includes how much water you can use. A coffee cup is going to dictate how much instant coffee you can make, and what the overall flavor of that coffee will be. No one likes watered down joe.

6. Make Your Instant Coffee Smoother


Pre-mixing your instant coffee with some cold water can make the coffee smoother overall. It doesn’t have to be a lot of water. It should really only be enough to turn your instant coffee into a paste. This helps the dissolving process get started. Then add your hot water to finish it!

This is going to take some practice, too. Hot coffee is one of the many joys in life, and if you add too much cold water to start, you end up taking that joy away. Variety is the spice of life, though, which leads us to our next tip.

7. Experiment with Flavor


Since variety is the spice of life, experimenting with instant coffee can be considered the Everything Bagel Seasoning! There are so many things you can do with instant coffee that should be taken into consideration.

Instant coffee, to a degree, is kind of like an experiment. While we recommend how to make your next cup of instant coffee, that’s not a guarantee that it’ll be the best cup for you. You’ve got to try different things with your instant coffee. Add cream and sugar, and play with the ratio of coffee to water. Doing this will help you dial in your perfect cup in no time.

8. Store Your Instant Coffee the Right Way


When you buy our instant coffee in bulk, you need to store it the right way to make sure that every cup is the best instant coffee you can make. When storing instant coffee, make sure you’re using an airtight container. No one likes stale coffee.

Additionally, be sure to keep your container in a cool, dry place. This helps it stay dry, and prevents anything nasty from happening to it. Keep your coffee safe (but don’t keep it secret).

Start making the best instant coffee you can today by using Waka freeze-dried instant coffee. Get your instant coffee here.

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