10 Best Coffee-Inspired Songs


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10 Best Coffee-Inspired Songs

Can't stop thinking about coffee? Well, maybe it's time to start singing about it too. Here are 10 coffee-inspired song picks to enjoy when... you are drinking your cup of joe!

Ready for it? Turn up your computer or phone sound and enjoy the sounds of coffee!

1. Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran (2010)

Rather than being a typical love song, this song is about a relationship that is at its end. Ed Sheeran uses cold coffee as a way to describe the girl being cold, disinterested, and at times bitter (we obviously think cold coffee is much better than than, right?). The lyrics in the song talk about how relationships and love might not last forever, so he’ll settle for taking it day by day. 

“I’ll wake with cold coffee in the morning; But she prefers two lumps of sugar and tea”

2. One Cup of Coffee by Bob Marley (1963)

A bouncy reggae song by Bob Marley compares a warm cup of coffee to a relationship that once was also warm and loving. He talks about how he’ll have just one more cup of coffee then go, which can represent how he wants one more moment to reminisce a relationship that once was before he has to leave it behind.

“I'll cause you no more sorrow: One cup of coffee, then I'll go”

3. Coffee and Cigarettes by Jimmy Eat World (2011)

This song is about how a young adult, after finishing school, packs up and leaves to the West in order to make a living and strike it rich. The song uses coffee as a symbol and nostalgia of times that were easier and simpler before he had to grow up and face the real world. Coffee can definitely affect your mood!

“Coffee and cigarettes; As simple as it gets”

4. Cold Coffee by Blackbear (2012)

While the only mention of coffee is its title, Blackbear uses the idea of cold coffee as an emotion of getting hurt and the sadness that comes with it. Cold coffee is used to reference the overall tone of the song and exemplify how life can bring you down sometimes. If he only knew that in 2019 cold coffee would be so popular and loved, he might have written it differently... 

“Can you run to control your emotions? Then maybe it won't hurt this much”

5. Coffee Shop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers (1995)

This Red Hot Chilli Peppers song is about a guy that wants to find love and someone to be with. They use a coffee shop as the place to meet someone. The use of a coffee shop can show how it is a typical place where people normally frequent and that a normalized place can be the start of something bigger, such as love or a relationship. Coffee as a matchmaker - we love it!

“Meet me at the coffee shop; We can dance like Iggy Pop”

6. Best Part by Daniel Caesar (2017)

This is a love song by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. that talks about how much they value their partner. Coffee is used to represent their significant other and can mean that their significant other is someone they can count on when they need a boost in energy or morale. Coffee is our significant other all the time.

“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning; You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring

7. Coffee by Trent (2019)

This is a new R&B song by an upcoming artist on Soundcloud. This song called coffee and it contains a storyline about his significant other. His significant other is not only his energy boost or “coffee” but someone he cherishes and adores their relationship and time together.

“You’re like my coffee when I wake up in the morning. You know I love it when you kick me when I’m snoring.”

8. The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra (1961)

This fun song depicts a world where coffee is so plentiful, that people are only allowed to drink coffee and no other beverages. This song is supposed to be a fun play on the idea of Brazilians loving coffee. 

“Way down among Brazilians; Coffee beans grow by the billions.”

9. A Cup of Coffee by Katy Perry (2008)

This Katy Perry song is about a hard breakup where she is talking about her significant other leaving. Katy says she needs a cup of coffee or overdose (of coffee we hope!!) to forget about and alleviate the pain of the breakup.

“You said it's over; And I could really go for a cup of coffee and an overdose”

10. Black Coffee by Ella Fitzgerals (1960)

This jazzy song talks about how coffee is used as a type of pick me up drink. While coffee is known to energize people due to caffeine, the song talks about coffee being the drink for an emotional pick me up.

"I'm feelin' mighty lonesome, haven't slept a wink; I walk the floor and watch the door, and in between I drink"

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