When and Why Would You Use Instant Coffee


when to use instant coffee
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When and Why Would You Use Instant Coffee

From the viral dalgona coffee to luxurious camping trips, instant coffee is now making a comeback. These are the times when you would want to have some of it with you.

Instant coffee used to have a bad rap, but Waka’s quality instant coffee is nothing like your grandma’s old school unflavorful instant coffee jars. In fact, instant coffee is making a comeback with many new products and varieties. 

When would you use instant coffee?

1. At a hotel

when will you drink instant coffee

Don’t trust the cleanliness of your in-room coffee machine. In fact, researches have revealed a significant bacterial diversity in hotel coffee makers. Bring your coffee packets with you.

2. On a plane

what is instant coffee

Same rule applies to your in-flight coffee experience. Flight attendants even admit that the water pipes on a plane are rarely cleaned. In fact, airlines are only required to disinfect their water tanks four times a year. Bring a tumbler with you, ask for hot water in any terminal restaurant and use your own coffee granules on the plane.

3. On a camping trip

should you drink instant coffee on a camping trip

Whether you go on a glamping trip or your annual outdoor adventure, instant coffee will make your coffee experience so much easier. No more bulky and heavy coffee tools. A pot for hot water and coffee granules is all you’d need.

4. In your office

drink instant coffee in the office 

Tired of the coffee capsules in the office? Can't afford $4 every day for a cup of coffee? Bring your own instant coffee packets to the office. Leave a few in your drawer for emergencies as well.

5. In your protein shake, cake or overnight oats

how to cook with instant coffee 

Instant coffee is a dissolvable coffee solution, which is great for any recipe you want to spice up with coffee flavor and caffeine. Pour the instant coffee granules into your baking mixture, shake or oats for a delicious caffeinated addition.

6. On busy mornings

best way to make instant coffee 

With instant coffee all you need to do is to wait for some water to boil (which can be pretty quick if you boil a small amount). No need to measure water-to-coffee ratio as instant coffee packets are already pre-measured, no need to run a coffee maker and clean it afterwards. Add water and start your day.

7. In dalgona coffee (whipped coffee)

 make dalgona coffee with instant coffee

The only way you can make this mesmerizing viral coffee drink is by whipping instant coffee. Dalgona Coffee can be made with either instant espresso or instant coffee. The reason you can’t use regular ground coffee is because it requires a weaker coffee to water ratio (when brewed). To learn more about the science behind dalgona coffee click here.

How to make the perfect cup of instant coffee

  1. Pour a single-serve packet or 1-2 tsp of instant coffee into cup
  2. Add 8-10 fl oz of water
  3. Stir
  4. Add Milk, sweeteners or other spices as desired and enjoy!


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