What Kind of Coffee are You?
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Coffee Personality: What Kind of Coffee are You?

There is a great variety of coffee drinks and combinations for the coffee lover to try, but what is your favorite coffee?

What is your usual coffee order and does it match your coffee personality?


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Much similar to a no frills espresso, you have a “what you see is what you get” type of persona. The espresso is a strong tasting and unsweet coffee beverage much like your bold, straightforward, and confident nature. Just as your unreserved personality never lets your friends get bored, the espresso is great for a quick energy boost.

The espresso is made when hot water or steam is pushed through ground coffee beans. It is commonly served in a tiny cup and despite its small size; it has concentrated flavors. The word espresso is like the English word “express” that can have three different meanings. It can refer to squeezing or expressing flavor from coffee using pressure and steam or the idea of quickness and making each cup expressly for one person.


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You are a social butterfly and your friendly disposition has allowed you to make friends in every type of situation. Much like your need for social engagement, your sweet tooth demands a midday pick-me-up, or a post lunch nap will take over your afternoon.

The mocha coffee is a sugary, chocolate coffee drink that can vary in strength. It consists of espresso with hot milk and chocolate flavoring, such as cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, or dark/milk chocolate. It is then topped with a milk froth or whipped cream.

An interesting coffee history fact about this particular drink is that the name “mocha” originally referred to the type of coffee bean that was shipped at the port of Al Mokha in Yemen. Those types of beans are now commonly known as Arabica beans.

Irish Coffee

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You’re the person whose phone is constantly blowing up with messages from friends in all social groups wanting to hang out. Your “always ready for a good time” personality gives you a good balance of work during the day and much needed fun on nights and weekends. You believe you can have the best of both worlds and live by the motto “all work and all play” where you party as hard as you work.

The Irish coffee is made with hot black coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with fresh or whipped cream. While different variations of coffee cocktails predate the now existing Irish coffee by at least 100 years, Irish coffee today can vary in preparation. This coffee cocktail allows for customization through type of coffee and brewing methods used.


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While your laid-back personality can lead to a stress free life, your lazy mornings and inability to get out of bed right when your alarm goes off is your downfall. Your moderate personality and “take it slow” mentality make for a chill time for anyone who spends time with you, but beware of annoying those who dislike being idle for even a short amount of time.

The cappuccino is a three layered coffee consisting of a double shot of espresso at the bottom, covered with hot milk of similar amount, and the top third consisting of milk foam. While traditional cappuccinos have a milk foam cap on top, the new trend is the “latte art” way where the coffee is finished with a pattern.

In Italy and Continental Europe, cappuccinos are usually drank only until 11 in the morning for breakfast with some type of pastry. This drink is perfect for those who can’t get out of bed until the late morning hours.

Pour Over Coffee

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I have one word for you: perfectionist. You’re the type of person who prefers to do everything yourself in order to make sure things get done the right way. While most people are concerned with the bigger picture and end product, you can’t help but focus on the little details. While this may be a burden as you tend to take on all the tasks yourself instead of trusting another person to help you out, it can also be a positive trait as sometimes many little details can accumulate to make a big difference in the end.

Pour over coffee at its most basic form is pouring hot water over and through ground coffee beans held in a filter to extract flavor. While this may seem simple enough, it is actually a complicated process as many factors go into the perfect cup of coffee: the coffee grind size, ratio of water to coffee, and brew time. Since the right combination of these three factors are needed, a lot of trial and error may take place before a person can be an expert at this form of coffee.

Frappe Coffee

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You’re the type of person whose social media feed consists of traveling photos from around the world with witty captions all of your followers look forward to reading. Your adventurous spirit and fearlessness in trying new things always leads to new experiences people only hope to have. Artistic expression is your strong suit as your imaginative mind makes daily life feel like a thrill even when you aren’t traveling. Your creativity is illustrated through

The word frappe originates from the French word “frapper” which means, “to hit” and is the sound crushed ice makes when it is mixed in with a drink and shaken in a cocktail shaker. The frappe coffee actually represents two variations of coffee, one originating in Greece and the other in the U.S. The Greek foam covered iced coffee drink is made with instant coffee, sugar, water, and ice. The U.S. frappe is short for the word Frappuccino. This drink is essentially coffee and/or a crème base blended with ice and other ingredients and toppings. The Frappuccino allows for the ultimate personal customization for the most creative minds.

Instant Coffee

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The six coffee drinks mentioned in this article each have their own unique characteristics for each person’s personal preference. However, the best tasting coffee doesn’t have to be a ten minute drive or even a ten minute waiting time for your coffee to brew. Waka Coffee is the best instant coffee where you can have the best of all worlds…or in this case, the best of all coffee drinks! Just like an espresso, this instant coffee gives you a quick energy boost anywhere and any time of day as its small packet size makes it easy to take around.

Just as the mocha coffee was originally named after this type of coffee bean, Wake Coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans. With the ability to buy coffee online and zero brewing and barista wait time, you’ll be able to turn that morning frenzy into a “take it slow” relaxing start to your day just like a cappuccino person and have more time for fun than a person with an Irish coffee personality.

As customizable as frappuccinos are, Waka Coffee’s instant coffee can match it. You can let your creativity shine through without fearing a barista making a mistake on your order and ruining your hopes for a good caffeine fix. Try the best instant coffee by professional reviewers and get your daily caffeine dose without the fuss and muss of traffic and long lines!

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