What Job Will Pay You $1000 to Drink Coffee?


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What Job Will Pay You $1000 to Drink Coffee?

You may have found your next dream job. Drinking coffee and getting paid to do so! Hurry up because applications are due soon.

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We all dread the days where we can barely wake up and then to top it off, we have to go to work. Physically getting out of bed, commuting, and then actually doing the work that we are paid to do. If only there was a way to work from home and do what we love most, without even changing out of our pajamas...

When you think of a work environment, the first thing that often comes to mind is a place filled with desks, offices, computers, and of course paperwork. Lot's of paperwork! 

An example of something you could easily do from home is reviewing new products and giving your honest feedback about them. Even more of a perk if you could score a job that has you taste foods and drinks all day long. Think of all the money you will be saving and the delicious products you could be trying. 

We found one job posting just for you - a coffee tester! Unfortunately, it is not for Waka Coffee but believe us, you would want to apply for this job. Not only do you get to drink all the coffee that you like, you get paid to do so! How cool is that! 

Taste Testers

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What are taste testers? Surprisingly enough, there is an actual job title known as Taste Tester. This job entails an individual going around to different vendors trying the foods and beverages that they have to offer. It is not enough to taste the food, the food needs to be reviewed as well. The reviewed product is then reported back to the supervisor, informing them of what needs to be changed or not. If snacking all day is your cup of tea, then maybe being a taste tester is the right fit for your future. 

Can Anyone be a Taste Tester?

There are two types of Taste Testers: The Consumer Taste Tester and the Professional Taste Tester. The Consumer Taste Tester works on a specific new product developed by a manufacturer to taste and decide when the product is ready for the public. The Professional Taste Tester works directly with a company to improve existing products as well as research and develop new ones, all while doing so based on the product’s nutrients and science. 

So how do you become a Taste Tester? An individual would need to prepare himself to taste various types of foods and go through multiple screenings to see if they meet the qualifications. The other method would be to become a food scientist and achieve the proper degree (usually a degree in sensory analysis and/or food science) that is needed to do so. 

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For the Consumer Tester, the first step would be to make sure that you meet all of the qualifications that are specific to what the manufacturer is looking for in terms of demographics. If additional surveys or tests are needed, complete those tests before submitting an application. When coming to the company site for the job screening, be sure you haven't eaten anything strong in flavor beforehand. Also, do not wear any scents or lip balms that might alter the tastes of the foods. Additional flavors may affect the way you review a particular product, and can potentially decrease your chances of getting hired if you did not review the product correctly.


For $1000 a month Business.org will pay you to drink coffee and review it. All they ask in return is that you steer clear of big cooperation coffee shops for a month. Easy right? Yes there’s a catch. The company will only hire one lucky person to do so ($1000 for many people to just drink coffee all day long is a risk the company can’t afford to take). They ask that you switch to only locally-owned coffee shops to support those companies and their fight against the big corporate coffee shops. 

$1000 to try coffee all day

So what exactly does the job entail? Being a Coffee Taster requires the person to do more than just tasting various types of coffee (although that is the main component). The person would have to visit a number of locally-owned coffee shops per month and review the coffee from each.

Important features that they would want feedback on include: Customer service, environment, coffee cost, wait time, and most importantly the quality of the coffee. You will also be asked to take pictures and keep social media updated of all your new favorite coffee places. 

No experience necessary, but you must be an avid coffee lover and drinker. Apply on Business.org

Getting paid to drink your most beloved drink has its perks. You get to drink all the coffee that you can imagine and not have to worry about splurging for that large cup with extra caramel -- it is your job to do so! If this isn't enough for you to consider becoming a Taste Tester, think about all the small businesses that you will be supporting. Please bear in mind that you should also control the amount of coffee consumed daily and let your future employer know about the risks from overdosing on coffee.

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