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How to Know if You Need to Switch to Instant Coffee

If you’re a coffee person, you know that making coffee everyday takes a chunk of your time and sometimes even your patience. 

Well, here are a few ways you can tell if you need to switch from brewed to premium instant coffee.

Busy Lifestyle

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With no doubt, everyone today is trying to grind their way through life. This equals to working from the time you wake up to the time you sleep. A hectic daily schedule with meetings, emails to respond to, and back to back activities don’t allow for much time to spare.

If you have no time in the mornings or even during the day to wait for coffee to brew or wait in that long line at the cafe, you’ll love instant coffee! All you need to do is bring a few single serving packets and a mug or tumbler with water along with you in your bag. When you’re ready, pour the instant coffee crystals into the water and you’ll get your cup of caffeine in a few seconds.

Switching to instant coffee can not only save you precious time during the day, but also give you that extra energy to get through the day.

Love Traveling

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Whether you enjoy traveling from country to country or going camping for the fresh air and nature, they’re both a great way to take a break from life and have time to enjoy yourself.

If you’re traveling on the plane or in hotels, it can be difficult to find great tasting coffee and even harder to bring your own coffee grounds. And there’s definitely no coffee machine or barista in the wild when you’re hiking, camping, or backpacking.

In these cases, the best instant coffee made of 100% Arabica beans is what you need. You can easily pack instant coffee in your luggage or hiking backpack without worrying about it taking too much weight or space. With instant coffee, you are able to get great tasting coffee from anywhere in the world. Want to take coffee with you on your next backpacking trip? Check out this guide.

No Patience

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Okay, so yes patience is a virtue. But let’s all be honest, sometimes you just can’t help staring at the coffee machine willing it to brew your coffee faster. And trust us, the staring definitely doesn’t help it move any faster...

Whether you’re in a hurry or just hate having to wait so long for a simple cup of coffee, instant coffee is the thing for you. One of the benefits of instant coffee is that the coffee crystals dissolve almost instantly and will give you a cup of joe in less than a minute. Just like Waka Coffee’s instant coffee for example, no matter if in cold or hot water, the coffee crystals will quickly dissolve.

Don’t Like Cleaning

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We don’t know about you, but one of the worst feelings we can have is enjoying a meal and then realizing there’s a pile of dirty dishes to be washed. Or relaxing with a cup of coffee and remembering that there’s still a coffee machine to clean… so much for relaxing right?

Cleaning and washing dishes are a chore that must be done, but if it can be avoided that’ll make life so much easier. Luckily for you, by using instant coffee instead of brewed, the clean up is minimized. Rather than having to clean a whole coffee machine, only one item needs to be washed: the mug you drank the instant coffee from.

No Kitchen Space

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If you live in cities or areas with ridiculously expensive rent, such as New York City or San Francisco, your living quarters may not come with a kitchen. This can not only put cooking out of the question, but making coffee is another difficult task.

With minimal appliances available (if they are even allowed), instant coffee can help make your life easier. You can even make coffee with room temperature or cold water with no heating necessary! Or you can even heat water in the microwave and add instant coffee granules for a warm cup of joe. No need to sacrifice your caffeine fix just because you don’t have a kitchen!

Instant coffee is a great addition to many lifestyles and can even benefit you in many different ways from brew time to nutritional value. If you would like to introduce instant coffee into your life, try Waka Coffee’s instant coffee! It is quality instant coffee made with 100% Arabica beans and uses the freeze drying process to preserve the delicious taste of coffee. Professional coffee reviewers even say it tastes like coffee from a pour over machine!

Want to learn more about the difference between instant coffee and brewed coffee? Check out this article.

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