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11 Items Each Airbnb Host Should Have

The kids left the house and you have an unused guesthouse or extra bedroom? You probably should be thinking about short-term rentals for extra income. 

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Airbnb, or “Air bed and breakfast.” is a hosting trend that has made everyone's lives a little easier around the world. People worldwide open their homes for the public to stay in. They charge a certain amount per night (usually at a cheaper rate than a hotel), offer fresh sheets to sleep in, and even have amenities that are there for the guests to use throughout their stay. While Airbnb is the most common service, there are other similar websites like HomeAway and VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) where you can list your property on.

Airbnb allows guests to filter rentals based on location, bedrooms, appliances, amount of stairs, etc. It offers a more efficient way to booking. Unlike with hotels, where guests are given any available room or charged more for a bigger room, Airbnb gives guests a variety of rooms in different locations in the same city.

As an Airbnb host you will have to market your physical location, but also invest in experiences and amenities. Your location's popularity and occupancy will highly depend on good guests' reviews. The best way to get as many positive reviews is by making a rememberable stay for your guests.

Don't know how to market your rental space? Check out this unique and successful Airbnb listings:

  1. Balian Treehouse in Bali
  2. Palace in Vedado, Cuba
  3. Ancient Trullo in Ostuni, Italy
  4. Seashell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  5. GeoDome in Catskills, New York

Being an Airbnb host entails more than just opening your home for others to rent out. The focus is on the guests and what you think they would enjoy during their stay. Inevitably with the hope that they will give you a good review so others will want to stay there as well. 



Why do you need it? Packing clothes in a suitcase often gets the clothes filled with wrinkles. This can be devastating news when your guests are putting their outfit together, getting ready to check out your restaurant recommendations. Just like at the hotel, make sure you give them the best tools to iron their clothes and invest in a good iron and ironing board.

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron

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This iron offers 1400 watts of power, additional steam feature for clothes, and a self cleaning system built in for just $30. Available on Amazon Prime.

Customers who bought this mentioned that it's “easy to use”, “light weight”, and “best iron ever!!”


Why do you need it? With limited time in a city your guests don’t always have time to cook from scratch. They probably would like to heat their take away food or frozen meals. Providing this options will increase your Airbnb desirability and bring in more good reviews!

Black and Decker Digital Microwave

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This microwave has a kitchen timer, 10 power levels, and UL approved. Now available on Amazon Prime.


Like the microwave, this device provides efficiency on a limited amount of time. Give your guests the option to have a toast for breakfast. If you want to go the extra mile, leave a few spreads or a cream cheese in the fridge. It will be very much appreciated by them. 

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This retro style toaster will lighten your kitchen and make your guests feel more appreciated. It is easy to operate with only 3 individual buttons for bagels, defrosting, and cancellation. Available on Amazon Prime.


When your guests are staying for a couple of days they will need a cup of their favorite hot drink in the morning. Keep your mugs functional and elegant for easy use. You also need to take into consideration that some mugs might break, so you want to have an easy way to buy other matching mugs. Keep it white and simple.

Amuse Cozy Collection

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These 12 oz. mugs come in a set of 6 for just $21.49. Available in a larger sizes and with free shipping on Amazon Prime.

Customers who purchased this set reviewed them as being “sturdy”, “practical”, “easy to hold”, and being a great gift.

Paper towels

Accidents happen and you want to be prepared. Your guests might spill their morning brew or their late evening wine. Make sure they have something quick to clean it up with before it stains. After all, you don’t want to come back to a big mess that you need to clean.

Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels

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For just $30.44 you can buy 12 rolls of Bounty Paper Towels to keep on the counter and have extras in the closet. According to the brand, it is 2X More Absorbent Vs. the Custom-Size-It brand in the U.S. Available on Amazon Prime.

Cleaning supplies

Your guests might be cooking things or bringing dirt into your lovely apartment, which could make a mess. You want to have cleaning supplies available for them so they won't have to run to the store. Providing these items will show them that you are a professional host and prepared for any situation.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

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Buy this 3-pack multipurpose Clorox wipes for $14.49. It will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and remove common allergens around your Airbnb. Available on Amazon Prime.

Extra blankets

No matter where your Airbnb is, some guests are always cold. Extra blankets can allow your guests to feel more comfortable and eliminate any negative reviews about your rental space. There are two other important reasons why you would want to have extra blankets: 1. You want to be prepared for bigger groups, which will require more than one set of blankets. 2. If you are booked back to back and don't have time to wash the blankets between check-out and check-in.

BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket W/Removable Cover

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Why we recommend this blanket? It is very practical yet comfortable. The material is breathable and you can use the inner blanket on its own (without the cover) in the summer months as it is designed for weight, not warmth. It is 48”x74” and weights 15 pounds. The most important factor - it is machine washable! Buy it here on Amazon.

WiFi router

No one can live let alone travel without internet. How will you post all your experiences after all?? If you want people to feel most comfortable, they need to be able to use their devices without having to worry about cell service or data. This is a must item for every Airbnb host. To create the magical internet in your rental space, you will need an internet service provider and a router, which also supports WiFi. 

Motorola Modem and Router Combo

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It's easy to go crazy and invest too much money into buying an internet router. Most likely, your guests will not play video games or plug in 20 devices at once. You want to have a reliable router that is good enough for 4 people and for streaming TV. Make sure you also buy a modem and router combo instead of having two devices in the room. It will save you money and space. This Motorola model is Amazon's choice and has great reviews. Available on Amazon.


So we talked about Airbnb kitchen essentials before and we said that your guest would need their hot drink in the morning. How will they make is without a kettle? Yes, they can hit the water over the stove, but you want to make it easier for them and safer for you. Invest in a simple and modern electric kettle. 

Avan-Pacific Stainless Steel 360° Cordless Electric Kettle

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This electric kettle will go along with your red toaster! It can fit up to 1.7 Liter of water, which is 8 Cups. It has an automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection system. It is safe, functional and pretty -- all for $29.99! Available on Amazon Prime.

Customers who purchased this kettle reviewed the item as being “easy to clean,” “durable,” and “safe.”

Smart stickers

Each Airbnb host has to leave bunch of instructions for the guests. How to turn on the TV, where to recycle, where to go out to eat and much more. Instead of waisting your (and your guest's) time explaining about every little thing, make it more interactive! Place these cool smart stickers on appliances, papers, or literally anything. Once your guests scan them they will read what you wanted to tell them.

Outlinx QR Code Labels 

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Outlinx provides hosts with a way to store digital notes on physical objects. Instead of putting all of your information in a single binder, you can put a QR smart sticker on any appliance. For example, a laundry machine! Create an online note with instructions about how to choose the right settings, then guests can simply scan the sticker to read the information about the appliance the sticker is on. You can even update Outlinx pages remotely and at any time. No need to reprint your notes every time a new restaurant is opening -- simply update it on the app. Stickers are available on Amazon Prime and the app is available on the App Store.

Quality instant coffee

Ok, imagine your guests waking up in the morning and realize there is no coffee waiting for them. This will definitely affect your overall review... As with hotels, same with Airbnb rentals -- coffee in the room is a must. But why would you invest in a coffee machine, buy coffee beans, grind them, clean the machine, etc. Give your guests a luxurious premium instant coffee that tastes just like brewed coffee. 

Waka Coffee - quality instant coffee

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Waka Coffee is available in multiple sizes including 8 servings, 24 servings, and 35 servings per product. Professional coffee reviewers loved it and it was featured on The Daily Beast, Business Insider, Forbes, and other national publications. It is made of 100% Arabica beans and freeze dried to preserve the original flavor of the Colombian high quality beans. You can buy it on Waka Coffee's website or via Amazon Prime.

“Smooth,” “Balanced flavor,” “best instant coffee.” “best instant coffee packets,” are just some of the many reviews left on Amazon by customers who purchased this product.


Waka Coffee is the best coffee option for Airbnb hosts. Get it here.

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