Why Instant Coffee Was Trending During the COVID-19 Lockdown


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Why Instant Coffee Was Trending During the COVID-19 Lockdown

High-quality, packed with flavor, easy-to-make instant coffee who? Has instant coffee totally changed the game in the world of coffee? Let’s explore.  

Instant coffee is famously known as soluble coffee, which means only water is needed to break down the coffee crystals. How is it really made? First, delicious coffee beans are roasted, ground, and brewed. What makes it “instant” is that all the water is extracted from the brewed coffee only leaving behind dehydrated coffee crystals that still contain all the rich flavors that coffee possesses. 

How is instant perceived in the U.S.?

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Instant coffee used to carry a negative stigma in the United States. For a very long time it was deemed to be cheap, poor in quality, and merely a quick compromise for freshly brewed coffee. Instant coffee’s reputation was that it was simply just a quick method to get a fix of caffeine for the day with no stress, no haggles, and no worries.

Nowadays, instant coffee is gradually becoming a game-changer. As the world has evolved and continues to progress into having everything at the snap of people’s fingertips, instant coffee satisfies just that. Not only does it save time and money, but now there are a wide variety of rich, unique flavors that still pack the bold punch of coffee.

Many coffee brands have recognized the negative criticism surrounding instant coffee and have taken action to provide high-quality packaged coffee that does not compromise the rich flavor people all love and crave. As there is still more room to grow and options to explore, one thing for sure is that instant coffee is definitely not what it was before. It is even better and still continuing to expand and grow. 

Unmatched benefits of instant coffee during the pandemic

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So, what are some of the benefits of instant coffee? First, convenience. With individual packets and a little bit of hot water, people are capable of making coffee-shop worthy drinks in the comfort of their own home. Plus, it can all be customizable to everyone’s specific preferences. With instant coffee, there is absolutely no need for a fancy machine that costs hundreds of dollars.

Individual packets of instant coffee are great because they are not limited to only enjoying a good cup of joe at home, but they can be taken with you anywhere, anytime. Also, with the rise of COVID-19 this year, social distancing is always the goal, and with fresh instant coffee right within your reach, no one should have to compromise their morning fuel nor their health. Instant coffee saves time and hence also prevents social gatherings at communal office coffee stands. 

New ways to spruce up your home coffee routine

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Strong, black coffee is a staple in the coffee community, however, it is not everyone’s desired first choice, especially when stopping at your favorite coffee shop on the way to work. As people stay at home and coffee shops forced to close, Dalgona Coffee, also known as whipped coffee, has swept the world by a storm through the infamous social media platform TikTok. The whipped coffee seems elegant and refined, yet it is so simple and easy to whip up.

With only a few ingredients - that of which include instant coffee - you can now make elevated, yet creamy cup of home coffee that is far above the average beverage. Adding a quick pour of flavorful milk can instantly transform a boring cup of coffee into something rich and delicious that could remind you of a fancy coffee shop Frappé.

Instant coffee during the 2020 quarantine

With the pandemic sweeping the globe, instant coffee has never been a more practical option. Instant coffee can still provide fuel to endure a long day like ground coffee, but also save the time that goes into making it. People are now adjusting to drinking more coffee at home instead of outside. This new situation has caught some unprepared without the appropriate coffee tools at home. But, whether you don't have a coffeemaker or you don't want to buy one right now, instant coffee does not require any additional machines or tools.

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Many months have passed, and people’s daily lives and routines have changed, and so does the way they consume coffee. Whether you’re working from home, an office, or in a communal building, instant coffee has becoming more popular as an easy and quality coffee option.

Instant coffee isn’t boring as it used to be. It’s also not the same cheap quality as it was before. With more people looking for fast and efficient coffee solutions, together with the Dalgona Coffee phenomena, instant coffee is definitely on the rise again.

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