Want an Easy Coffee Solution for Your Office? Try Instant Coffee


the best instant coffee for your office
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Want an Easy Coffee Solution for Your Office? Try Instant Coffee

Coffee keeps all employees motivated, awake and let them that much needed mental escape from the daily routine, but have you considered instant coffee as your office coffee method?

the best coffee for your office

Coffee is not only delicious and has many claimed health benefits, but also can benefit your business and its employees. It’s no secret that most businesses in the U.S. provide coffee for their workers, but sometimes struggle to maintain that perfect coffee station to fully satisfy its employees.

Why would you have coffee in the office?

1. It increases employees productivity

As an employer, you want to keep your employees motivated and productive. Coffee can actually help you achieve this.  A 2013 study shows that consumption of moderate amounts of caffeine can increase the ability of your employees to concentrate and stay more focused. It also discovered that caffeine (which is found in coffee) increases our ability to solve problems requiring reasoning. 

2. Creates a social interaction

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Not only that coffee breaks give your employees a reason to stand up and walk (which can help employees avoid leg pain, stiffness, cramps and other muscular problems), but also it creates a reason for social interaction.  

3. Can reduce pain for desk workers

You heard it right, you might be able to  make your employees feel better while serving them their favorite cup of joe. The National Institute for Health found out that consuming caffeine before performing pain-inducing desk work can lower shoulder and back pain development versus people who do not consume caffeine. 

4. It can improve your employees’ health and lifespan

A single cup of coffee contains many antioxidants and nutrients, such as vitamin B2, B5, B3, Magnesium, and Potassium. For example, there is about 11% of the needed daily intake (RDI) of vitamin B3 in coffee. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is helping functions in the digestive system, skin and nervous system. Moderate coffee consumption of three to four cups per day has been linked with longer lifespan. The medical journal, Circulation, published a research, which found out that coffee consumption is associated with an 8% to 15% reduction in the risk of premature death. Read more about coffee’s health benefits here.

5. Keeps your employees satisfied

A recent survey found out that 50% of American workers spend about $1000 a year on coffee! This is why respondents also mentioned that they would like companies to invest in better food and drinks in the office, so they could cut down their personal expenses. Specifically, the survey shows that 22% of American workers would like their company to invest in better coffee in the office. Good office coffee and snacks will also help businesses to compete on good talent, as employees will consider it as part of the overall benefits.  

While large companies usually order their coffee from big food service providers, it can be a bit more tricky for small-to-medium size businesses. In a Financial Times article about coffee in the workplace, says Anya Marco, an adviser to the coffee industry, “Smaller offices can’t afford it (fancy coffee). Access to decent coffees is limited. If you have an office of 200 people, to put in a bean to cup machine is quite expensive.”

should you get instant coffee as in-office coffee

Whether you just moved your company into a temporary office, can’t afford other coffee solutions or don’t have the room for a large coffee machine, quality instant coffee can be a great coffee solution for your employees and business. 

Instant coffee is a dissolvable coffee drink that is made from brewed coffee that was converted into powder or granules by extracting the liquid of the coffee bean. This can be done in two ways: spray drying or freeze drying. Instant coffee is easily dissolved when mixed with water to create a great cup of coffee, instantly. Contrary to some myths, instant coffee is made of pure coffee beans.

Why quality instant coffee for your office?

1. It’s easy 

With instant coffee, you won’t need any complicated machines or equipment. If you choose to have one coffee station, simply have your quality instant coffee in a jar and some sugar and creamers on the side. Place an electric hot water dispenser on the same table, and you have the perfect coffee station.


the best office coffee to buy online

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If you have a larger office space and you want to create several coffee stations, place smaller electric kettles on each station, with instant coffee and sugars on the side. If you serve single-serve instant coffee, your employees can even have a few packets in their drawer and make coffee when they want at their desk or office. All they will need is cold or hot water, which they can store in a simple water bottle or tumbler.

2. It’s the better business decision

While buying freshly roasted coffee beans, grinding them on the spot and brewing coffee with a $2,000 coffee machine can be a fancy addition to your office, it might not always be the wisest business decision. When buying freshly roasted beans, your expiration date is usually within a month, sometimes even less if not stored correctly. When bought in bulk, you might end up tossing some of the extra unused coffee bags, which is a waste of your money. 

coffee business opportunities for my business

In addition, buying single-serve coffee capsules can get as expensive as $1 a cup. When you buy quality instant coffee bags in bulk and divide the per serving cost, you can get a delicious cup of coffee for as little as $0.4 per serving. In addition, if you also add up all the lost time for when your employees will be waiting for their coffee to brew, you better off offering them a quick and delicious coffee experience. Don’t get us wrong, we are all for social coffee breaks but with instant coffee you can be friendly and also make sure you are not late for an important meeting.

3. Your employees can make coffee, their own way

When you offer your employees other coffee solutions, some might think their cup of joe is too strong or too light. When you serve quality instant coffee from a bag or a jar, each person can choose how many spoons of coffee she or he would like to pour into their mugs. They can also choose how much water to pour and if they want room for a creamer or not. Let your employees customize their coffee the way they want to.

instant coffee as in-office coffee solution

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4. No cleanup and less waste

As a business owner or office manager, you are also in charge of the cleanliness of your break rooms and coffee stations. With premium instant coffee, you will have less things to clean after your employees. Forget about the coffee waste left in the filter, brewed coffee pot dribbles, giant capsules boxes, etc. Instant coffee is made in your individual mug and fully dissolved in water, leaving no waste or mess. If you choose Waka Instant Coffee, you will also be donating 4% of each coffee purchase to clean water initiatives around the world, which will add you more credit with environment-conscious employees. 

5. No more stale coffee

Your employees deserve only the best coffee for their work environment, but everyone is busy and you can’t brew a fresh pot of coffee every 30 minutes. Most likely you are currently brewing coffee in your office only so often, and your employees can taste it. When the coffee is kept for a long time in the pot, it becomes stale and unpleasant to drink. When you offer your office employees delicious instant coffee, every cup of coffee is made fresh when mixed with water. 

Another great part about getting delicious instant coffee for your office, is that it ships directly to you. No more grocery store trips, just a few simple clicks online. Waka Instant Coffee is sold on this website, on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.com so your at-work coffee experience couldn’t get any easier. 

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