Carbonated Iced Tea Using Instant Tea Recipe

With summer coming to an end, it's time to explore some new and exciting iced tea recipes you haven't tried yet. For this recipe, we will use our instant tea!

Green tea, lemon tea, peach tea, mint tea, there are so many different creations to make out of iced tea. Some of you just want the original tea and ice, whereas for others the sweeter the better! The beauty of instant tea is that you can customize your cup of delicious iced tea as much as you want.

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Have you considered adding some bubbles into your iced tea to make it carbonated?? Flavored seltzers are the latest drink trend, so let’s bring the trend to tea as well with this delicious carbonated iced tea recipe. 


Carbonation is a chemical reaction that occurs when carbon dioxide is mixed with water, causing bubbles to form in the drink. The gas carbonates remain carbonated when they are kept under pressure. The moment that gas is released and combined with oxygen, the bubbles begin to die out. Aerating the bubbles causes the drink to have a light acidity, essentially making the beverage taste better.


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Why add bubbles to iced tea, can’t we leave that for the soft drinks and sparkling waters? When you make iced tea carbonated it enhances the flavors, so more of the flavor comes out throughout the cup. The bubbles give a certain aromatic flavor to the beverage as you are is drinking it, heightening the overall flavor of the tea.

Once the bubbles reach your tongue and the taste receptors, a tingling sensation occurs, allowing you to enjoy the drink even more! So by adding fizzy gas to iced tea you are allowing the natural flavors to be enhanced, making the tea more pleasant to taste. Also, it is very fun to drink!


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  • 4-5 Ice cubes
  • ⅛ teaspoon Waka Instant Tea
  • ½ cup ginger ale (or sparkling soda)
  • Sugar (optional)


Quantities may vary based on how many people you are serving, judge accordingly.

  1. Brew a cup of Waka Instant Tea (with sugar) and let steep for 1 minute
  2. While you are waiting, fill a tall glass with ice cubes 
  3. Pour steeped tea into glass, fill about halfway
  4. Fill the remainder of the glass with ginger ale (or sparkling soda) and stir
  5. Serve and enjoy

Try our instant tea today.

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