These Are the Best Coffee Drinks from Around the World


different types of coffee around the world
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These Are the Best Coffee Drinks from Around the World

Are you a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a kick in the morning? Discover the best coffee in the world as we explore countries across the globe.

These coffees are renowned for their unique flavors, rich aromas, and amazing tastes. 

We’ve compiled this list to showcase some of the tastiest coffees from around the world.

Top 10 Best Coffees Drinks from Around the World

1. Frappe, Greece

frappe instant coffee greece

Frappe is a frothy drink made by mixing instant coffee, milk, and sugar. It's essentially a cold, sweetened version of a latte. 

Frappe is arguably the most popular Greek coffee. This tasty mix was unintentionally created in 1957 by Dimitris Vakondios and has remained a Greek Mediterranean staple drink ever since.

You can make it by yourself with a pack of instant coffee, or get a cup for yourself when next you visit Greece!

2. Weiner Melange, Austria

Austrians are famous for their fine coffee, and the Viennese coffee house culture has even been inscribed by UNESCO as a mark of Austria’s “intangible cultural heritage.” And it’s not just the delectable cakes that draw in tourists, it’s the delicious coffee too. 

The word “melange” is derived from the French verb méler, which means to mix, and the earliest written accounts of melange are from Vienna in the middle of the 19th century. This classic Viennese coffee Macchiato is made with strong and sweet espresso to keep you alert. 

It is served with whipped cream, cocoa powder, and steamed milk, creating the perfect combination of flavors.

3. Cafezinho, Brazil

Cafezinho, a traditional coffee beverage, is created by adding sugar or "rapadura," an unprocessed sugar from Brazil. Although Cafezinho can be drunk black, it’s normal for coffee lovers to add milk or cream to the beverage to enhance the flavor and thicken the consistency.

Brazilian hospitality is second-to-none, and Cafezinho is a hallmark of Bahian hospitality. Brewed through a special cloth flannel filter, it is served super sweet though the sugar is added early on as part of the brewing process. Generally drunk without milk or cream, this is a coffee recipe to enjoy.

4. Dalgona, Macau

Dalgona is an easy and quick way to prepare a creamy drink of coffee. During the COVID-19 epidemic, when people stayed at home and made films of themselves hand-whipping instant coffee, it became well known on social media.

Leong Kam Hon, a former Macanese shipwright who founded his "Wai Ting Coffee" business, is credited with creating the beverage.

This delicious mix is simply instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water to create a smooth, delicious drink that can be enjoyed very much in the comfort of your own home.

5. Affogato, Italy

make affogato instant coffee

When it comes to coffee, Italians sure know how to create a tasty blend. When you need a quick sweet treat after dinner or are entertaining, this is the quickest dessert to prepare. Affogato is a delicious dessert made with creamy vanilla ice cream, espresso coffee, shredded dark chocolate, and a sneaky drop of alcohol.

To prepare Affogato, make some espresso then add one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso to a large glass or bowl. To finish up, pour some dark chocolate over the ice cream and drizzle 1 tablespoon of optional liquor over top. Your delicious Affogato is ready to eat. 

6. Türk Kahvesi, Turkey

The Turkish coffee culture is a global phenomenon and the highlight of it all is Türk Kahvesi Coffee. This cooling beverage is prepared and served in a copper ibrik or cezve, a small brass pot heated over an open flame. The sugar is put in during the brewing process, and no milk or cream is used. 

The cup is made from finely ground coffee beans: the boiling process creates a foamy surface. Try not to stir your coffee to disrupt this process. Cardamom adds just enough spice to this brew; enjoy slowly on its own, or with Turkish delight sweets for extra flavor and decadence.

7. Kaapi, Southern India

As you walk into parts of the Malnad region of southern India, you'll see two metal containers. One holds the cup, and the other holds the deep saucer. As soon as you see those two containers, you'll know that your taste buds are about to explore one of the most exquisite coffees in the world. 

Local coffee is roasted and finely ground, percolated through hot water to extract the flavor, then topped with frothed milk. It's served between a pair of these cups called Karigadu (karig means tea) and kaanjiya ("ripe") made from a special kind of clay named "Tezthi" that has a unique porous texture. 

A pull between the two pairs of cups cools and mixes the liquid before being served over ice in tiny glasses known as "beedi". And it's delicious!

8. Nous-Nous, Morocco

Experience the vibrant coffee culture in Morocco, where cafes have pavement chairs set up in the warm weather, facing the street. The best way to take that coffee in Morocco is "Nous-Nous", Arabic for "half-half" — half coffee, half hot milk. The result is something like a Piccolo Latte, a strong, tasty beverage served in a small glass and drunk while savoring the delicious explosion of flavor. 

You can make the Moroccan Nous Nous coffee specialty at home rather easily. All you need is an espresso-making machine and a way to steam or foam milk.

9. Cortado, Argentina

how to make instant coffee

If you ever visit Argentina, try out the famous café Cortado, a tiny cup of coffee and hot, softly frothed milk that melts perfectly on your tongue. 

In the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, a morning cCrtado is typically enjoyed with two or three tostadas or little, delicious croissants, in a cafe enjoying the view. The best part about this coffee is that you can always change the size to your satisfaction. 

You can order your coffee in a Jarrito (a taller espresso cup).

10. Flat White, Australia

Australia’s Flat White is a shot of espresso topped with hot, frothy milk. It’s a coffee beverage made with steamed milk and microfoam to give it a velvety and appealing look. 

It has a greater coffee-to-milk ratio and more silky milk, allowing the espresso to dominate the flavor while being supported by the cream. If you’d prefer a coffee that has the creamy texture of steamed milk with a robust espresso flavor, try Flat White. 

Final Thoughts

Explore the best coffees from around the world and make beautiful memories while trying out different recipes. If you are a coffee lover and explorer, all you have to do is try out the coffee beverages from the countries listed above. 

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