best movies of 2019 as coffee drinks
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The Best 2019 Movies Paired as Coffee Drinks

As we continue trying to occupy all our free time indoors by binging TV shows and movies, we thought to spice things up with some coffee references.

Last year had an amazing selection of new and diverse films that set a new standard for storytelling and visuals. Since a lot of upcoming movies are being postponed and we also can’t go to movie theaters, let’s just reminisce on last year's best films and pair them with different coffees. 

Marriage Story - Mocha

Mocha: espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, whipped cream 

Marriage Story revolves around a husband and wife who have fallen out of love and are struggling through processing their inevitable divorce. It won six oscars this year! It’s quite an intense and dramatic movie, especially because the story is so real and relatable to many. As a whole, the flavor of mocha isn’t too complex. However, there are various components and ingredients that go into making this drink. Much like this drink, Marriage Story demonstrates that underneath all the sugar (chocolate, milk, whipped cream) and pleasantness, there is still that bitterness that overpowers. Didn’t mean to get too deep, but you get the picture. 


Joker - Dry Cappuccino  

Macchiato: espresso, milk foam

Joker is an adaptation of the popular comic book villain from the Batman universe. It’s adapted to modern day and shows the origin story into how the Joker became who he is. A dry cappuccino is similar to a regular cappuccino, except there is no milk. It has “dry” in its name because the milk foam is very airy and doesn’t really add much creaminess for the espresso. In the beginning of Joker, the story itself is tense, but you can’t quite understand why. It’s masked as a slow burn story, but towards the end, the audience is thrown through a wild ride. Similar to the dry cappuccino, this film is intense, contrasting, and packs a real punch with no warning.


Little Women - Latte 

Latte: milk foam, milk, espresso

Little Women had an incredible cast and even better story. Directed by Greta Gerwig, this movie is an adaptation of the 1868 novel with slight twists and changes to relate to the modern world. It centers around a family with 4 sisters and their childhood adventures. Just like a hot or iced latte, Little Women is easy to watch and you really can’t go wrong with it. There’s a warmth and lighthearted nature to this movie that just feels the way a latte would taste: lively, balanced, simple, but still has its subtle complexities. The use of color, light, and tones are similar to the intricacy and style of latte art designs. Overall, it’s a movie and drink you can rewatch or reorder when you want to feel good. 


Jojo Rabbit - Affogato 

Affogato: espresso, vanilla ice cream

Not necessarily coffee, but it still counts. Affogato is a dessert that brings two worlds together: the bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of ice cream. Jojo Rabbit follows the journey of a young boy in Germany who discovers that his mom has been hiding a Jewish girl in their attic. The premise of the movie sounds intense and dramatic, but it is actually a comedy with hints of dark humor. The affogato is a fun and new take on a dessert, much like the concept of a World War II movie being a comedy. The movie centers around the perspective of a child, and the affogato, though containing caffeine, might remind us of fun, youth, and simplicity. 


Parasite - Espresso 

Espresso: one shot of espresso

This movie is honestly 5 shots of espresso. Parasite stole the show at the Oscars this year, winning six total awards, including Best Picture. It’s difficult to really explain what this movie is about, but there are a lot of twists, themes, and intense moments throughout the movie. We don’t want to spoil the movie, but we will say that it really is purely a shot of espresso. Espresso is the foundation to most coffee beverages, and similarly, Parasite really set the standard for future films of any genre. Just like an espresso, this film is bold, powerful, and before you know it, you’re completely alert and sitting up in your seat. 


Uncut Gems - Red Eye 

Red Eye: brewed coffee and shot of espresso 

Uncut Gems is hard to explain, but it involves a jeweller, a rock, and basketball. Although this movie was arguably considered “snubbed” during the awards season, it gained a lot of popularity for its fast paced plot and chaotic build up. A red eye would be a perfect comparison to this anxiety inducing film. A red eye is brewed coffee with a shot of espresso and nothing else, so you’re guaranteed to instantly wake up and be on alert. Simply put, both this film and coffee will have you squirming in your seat with your leg bouncing and your heart pounding. 


1917 - Cold Brew

Cold Brew: overnight refrigerated ground coffee with cold water

1917 takes place during World War I and revolves around two British soldiers who must make a dangerous journey to deliver a message that could save their fellow soldiers. This film gained a lot of praise for appearing to be filmed in one entire take. In the film, they must deliver the message in one day. Cold brew is made by mixed ground coffee beans with cold water and refrigerating it overnight. The purpose is to have prep and stored coffee that can last days, while still maintaining a strong flavor. With 1917 and cold brew, one overnight act leads to long term results. Even when you think everything is fine for the main characters, a new obstacle is thrown their way. When you drink cold brew you get different waves of flavor; it’s smooth, bold, but still a little sweet.  



Next time you feel like watching a movie, you might want to consider any of these award winning films. You should also make yourself a cup of quality instant coffee while you’re at it. 


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