What is Our Add Water, Give Water Program


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What is Our Add Water, Give Water Program

We are on a mission to bring the instant back, but also believe we should do our part in bettering the world and lives of others. 

Coffee and Water Waste

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According to this research, the water footprint of coffee production is about 140 liters (approx. 37 gallons) of water per cup of coffee. This number includes the water used for production and processing of coffee. While the amount might vary based on the processing method (dry/washed), the washed method requires more water. Unfortunately, many coffee mills use outdated technology and are using more water than they need to, resulting in water waste. For example, according to the Catholic Relief Services organization 90 percent of surface water in Central America is contaminated while most coffee wastewater in the region goes untreated.

As an emerging player in the coffee industry, we recognize the gap where in some places water is used for manufacturing, while in other places there is not even water for drinking.

Global Water Crisis

Nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide, or 663 million people, live without clean water. The majority of those, live in rural areas where the lack of clean water affects income health and education - especially for women and kids. Walking miles away for clean water keep parents from making money to support their families and kids off school. 

Add Water, Give Water

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Picture credit: charity: water 

We created our own program to support clean water initiatives and help people around the world gain access to clean water. Through this program we donate 4% of our proceeds to charity: water to support clean water projects such as building new piped systems, BioSand filters, drilled wells, spring protections, establishing local water committees and much more.

charity: water


charity: water uses 100% of all public donations to fund water projects in 26 countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South Africa, proving where the donations went with photos and GPS coordinates. Their water projects focus on providing rural communities with first access to clean water by partnering with organizations that have a community-centered approach and intensive knowledge on implementing water projects. Not only do they work with local experts and community members to determine the best water solution for a specific place, depending on terrain, population, and water sources, but their partners also provide hygiene and sanitation training to local leaders so they can support their communities in the future.

How Water Affects Life

how the water crisis affects life

Picture credit: charity: water 

The lack of clean water affects all aspects of life including health, education, income, and women inequality. Dirty water carries diseases that kills more people each year than all forms of violence, with 43% of these deaths being children under five years old. By having clean water and basic sanitation, about 16,000 lives can be saved a week. Without access to clean water, women are forced to walk in search of clean water and in Africa, women spend about 40 billion hours a year walking. With access to clean water, it gives communities the ability to fight poverty as they have the time to grow their food, earn an income, and go to school. As girls and women are most likely to be the ones collecting water, by having direct access to it, they are able to have more time for school and gain back their lives.

What Your Donations Fund

Since we donate 4% of our proceeds to charity: water, by purchasing Waka Coffee’s instant coffee, you are helping fund more clean water projects to those in need. As you add water to your instant coffee crystals, you give water to communities to fight disease and poverty. Let's solve the water crisis in our lifetime!

Add Water, Give Water when you drink your coffee? Get it here.

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