Camping Trip Hacks - How to Make Your Trip Much Easier

Camping is extremely fun and exciting, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to navigate through. There are a few things you can do to be more prepared during your trip and make it much easier.

Our coffee is enjoyed by many campers, so we decided to make this list of camping hacks to help you in your next trip.

Keep your feet warm

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Did you know that keeping your feet warm is good for your health and wellbeing too? Keeping your feet warm helps to distribute heat around the body so you can slip into a deep, more comfortable sleep. Having cold feet can make you feel tense, irritable and stressed. Warm the bottom of your sleeping bag with a bottle of hot water before you sleep to help with cold feet.

Light the campground

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Make your own lamp by strapping a headlamp to the bottom of your water bottle with the light facing inward. This will make the light brighter and easier to look at. Your campground can have "uninvited guests" and this light will keep them away or trackable more easily. 

Have a pillow

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Instead of bringing a pillow from home that can get dirty, make your own by stuffing clothes in a sack - tip: use the sack that your sleeping bag comes in. This can be your way of “toughing it out”. Having the right pillow is not only comforting, but also play an important role in supporting the intricate structures of your head, neck, shoulders, hips, and spine! 

Start a fire, faster

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Use hand sanitizer as a fire starter. Squeeze some on top of the sticks you are about to light for a bigger fire. Be careful though!

Conveniently store your coal 

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You can also start a fire by storing coal inside an egg carton. The egg carton will be easier to light and you do not have to carry a whole bag of coal.

Know the poisonous plants

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Familiarize yourself with what poisonous plants look like before you start your trip; there are lots of them! Do not ruin your trip because of these plants. For example, don’t touch Water Hemlock, White Snakeroot, or Rosary Pea which are amongst the 7 world’s deadliest plants

Duct tape is always useful

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Wrap some duct tape around your water bottle so that you can use it in case of emergencies and this way you do not have to carry the whole roll around! There are a variety of uses for duct tape while camping and you never know when you will need some tape.

Have extra battery

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You probably want to disconnect from the world during your trip, but in case of emergencies, carry a portable battery pack to make your phone’s battery life longer. Make sure to choose a light product that is easy to carry in your bag.

Avoid ants

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Ants often crawl up the picnic tables while you are eating. To prevent this, place a small tray of water under each table leg so it is harder for the ants to navigate to the table.

Be comfortable

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Use foam tiles (the ones that young children have) for a softer floor inside your tents; your back will thank you the day after. Not only will the floor be softer, but it also will not be as cold.

Be clean

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Bring some baby wipes; this can help clean up equipment or freshen up yourself. These are very handy and can be used in many ways.

Keep your stuff organized

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Things get misplaced and lost very easily while camping. You can hang up an organizer inside your tent to help with the mess and keep everything in place.

Stay alert

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Keep a knife and lamp inside your tent just in case of emergencies. We hope no bears or serial killers will come after you, but you never know… Just kidding, you can use it if you need to open a knot or open your favorite snack bag.

Protect from mosquitos

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Bring some sage when you are cooking up food. Sage will keep mosquitos away.

Prepare your food in advance

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Prepare overnight oatmeal for your camping breakfast; these recipes we came up with is delicious, quick, and perfect for your next trip. 

Break the eggs, before

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Crack your eggs and put them into a water bottle before you go so that you don’t have to carry them along the way because a few of them may break.

Make pancakes less messy

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Make pancake batter before you leave for your trip and store in a mason jar, water bottle, or even ziploc bag. This will make your mornings much quicker and have less of a clean up.

Bring seasoning 

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Pack your favorite seasonings in tic tac containers to save space and leave less of a mess and you can keep whatever you do not use.


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There are many recipes you can make before you go camping  that you can pack into foil packets. Here are a few recipes you can try for your next trip.

Drink coffee while camping

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Bring Waka Coffee instant coffee packets with you to add a kick to your morning without all the hassle of bringing the supplies for a delicious cup of coffee.

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Try Waka Coffee's instant coffee for your next camping trip here.

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