What is Fair Trade Coffee?


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What is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair Trade Coffee:

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Fair trade coffee is coffee that has been certified to have been produced under the fair trade organization standards. The fair trade organizations work together with coffee farmers and coffee traders to not only make sure coffee is being produced based on sustainable environmental procedures, but also that farmers are getting compensated properly. It also fights against child labor and forced labor.


There are various reasons why fair trade coffee is important and why as a consumer, it is good to purchase from certified fair trade coffee brands, or brands that pay close attention to such standards.

Fair wages and working conditions

People working on coffee farms are ensured good working conditions and fair wages for their labor. Child labor and forced labor are also prohibited.

Direct trade and no middlemen

Coffee buyers and traders buy the coffee directly from the farmers. This allows farmers to be able to directly run their business and charge fair price for their beans.

Supports development projects

The fair trade farms and workers work to provide development projects for their community, such as scholarships and healthcare.

Supports democratic organizations

The fair trade farmers are able to democratically decide how to invest their money and how it will go back into their farm.

Supports the environment

Environmentally sustainable farming practices are required, so harmful chemicals are never used. This not only protects the land and environment, but also the health of the farmers and workers.

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