Iced Instant Tea vs. Bottled Iced Tea


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Iced Instant Tea vs. Bottled Iced Tea

There is nothing like sipping a refreshing iced tea, but how do you get yours? Explore the differences between making your own instant tea or buying a bottled one.

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Iced Tea On-The-Go

Just like coffee, tea can be drank at all times of the day: as a morning beverage to get your day going, a midday caffeine kick, or even a calming evening drink. So why would you need tea to go?

With all the responsibilities we have during the day, it is impossible to always be in the comforts of your own home to steep your cup of tea. This is why instant tea and bottled teas are gaining popularity as they allow you the opportunity to take your tea on the go. If you’re a college student or even a full-time worker with no time for leisurely breaks, bringing iced tea on-the-go is ideal. 

What Goes Into Bottled Iced Teas

While bottled teas are popular and easy to just grab at a supermarket and go, do you really know what goes into your bottled tea? Sorry to break it to all the bottled iced tea lovers out there, but they definitely aren’t as healthy as you might think. Although it is labeled as a tea, bottled iced teas do not contain the same health benefits as brewed tea. Bottled iced teas often contain sugars and artificial flavors -- sometimes as much sugar as a can of soda. It is also higher in calories compared to brewed tea and instant tea. Also, the biggest downfall to bottled iced teas is the lack of antioxidants that teas are normally known for. According to a 2010 study, bottled iced teas contain little to no antioxidants and any beneficial antioxidants are so little that the sugar and additives found in it would render it useless.

Make Your Own Iced Instant Tea

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The first step to making the best iced instant tea is choosing pure and premium instant tea. These are teas with no added preservatives, additives such as artificial flavors, and no added sugar. They are your best choice because not only are they low in calories, but they also contain zero sugar. You know what goes into your drink and can customize it as you wish. we also recommend using reusable bottles or tumblers to save on plastic.

While instructions may differ slightly depending on brand, the basis of making instant tea is the same as instant coffee. All you need to do is to take hot or cold water and mix the instant tea powder with it. It is super quick and easy to make without any clean up or waste, such as tea bags. Keep in mind that tea powder (instant tea) is more concentrated than instant coffee. To make the perfect cup of iced tea you will only need a pinch of tea powder. For that exact reason, making your iced instant tea also will save you money so you aren’t always spending money on buying drinks at a cafe.

Caffeine in Bottled Iced Tea vs. Instant Tea

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Not only does health benefits differ between bottled iced tea and instant tea, but so does the caffeine content. While the caffeine content in bottled tea can vary depending on the brand, it usually ranges from 7 mg to 26 mg per 12 ounce bottle. On the other hand, according to the USDA, instant unsweetened teas contain about 26.2 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce. Instant teas have a higher average of caffeine so it is good for those who want a slight caffeine kick. Waka Coffee instant tea, for example, has about 30mg of caffeine per fl. oz cup.

Know what goes into your iced tea. Make it with instant tea! Try ours here.

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