How to Give Back This Thanksgiving With Waka Coffee

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for everything and everyone around you. There are many around you who could use your helping hand during this time of year and it can be easy to make a difference in someone else’s life. Here is a list of things we came up with so that you can give back to someone in need this holiday.

1. Invite someone over!

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Try something different this Thanksgiving and invite someone new over for dinner! Not everyone is able to make it back to their families this holiday; sharing family time and inviting a friend, neighbor, or even stranger over for dinner can be very rewarding.  

2. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food bank.

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This is a way you can directly see the effects of your giving. The easiest way is to Google “local soup kitchen” and there are a few websites where you can enter your zip code and the closest one to you will pop up. Here are a few links to look for local soup kitchens around you and another for local food banks. If you can’t spend the day or a few hours volunteering on Thanksgiving, you can also donate food to these places.

3. Give leftovers to the homeless.

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This can be done the day after Thanksgiving. Instead of eating turkey sandwiches for a week straight after Thanksgiving, why not share the love and take a walk downtown and offer your leftovers to someone who would really appreciate them.

4. Support our troops.

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There are many troops who cannot make it home for Thanksgiving. One of the many ways to show your support is by sending out care packages or letters to our troops. If you are not the crafty type, there are also ways you can contribute by sponsoring care packages.

5. Give water.

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One in ten people lack access to clean water; you can help this holiday by donating to the cause through many different organizations. Clean water can provide many communities with education, income, and better health. At Waka Coffee, we donate 4% of our proceeds to charity:water; get educated on the water crisis through their website!

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