How to Get Rid of Coffee Stains in a Natural Way


best ways to remove coffee stains from cloths
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How to Get Rid of Coffee Stains in a Natural Way

Love the drink, but hate the stains? Discover how you can fight those nasty coffee stains in a natural way.

You wake up at 7 am. You already snoozed through 3 alarms. Finally you get to your coffee in the hope that all will be okay in the world. What else could go wrong? And just as you think the bad is gone for the day, your kid or roommate bumps into you and your coffee spills all over. It’s official, your day is ruined and it barely even started!

Coffee stains are the absolute worst! When you have a coffee stain on your clothes everyone can see that you had a clumsy morning with just one glance. Yes, you can use stain removers or special detergents, but with all those chemicals who even knows what will happen to your clothes! They might get ruined in the worst way possible, making them unwearable and used as your next dish rag... And, it can't be so healthy using them.

easy way to remove coffee stains

With natural remedies, those hard to reach stains come out easily, without the added chemicals. You can clean those coffee stains easily and not have to worry about spending hours in the laundry room. Some of the natural remedies are so easy and quick that you can get the stains out before you even reach the office, allowing you to continue your day with ease. 

The natural resources on our list are made from plants, foods, or spices. They do not include any chemicals in them as all the ingredients are natural. Another plus to using natural sources is that all of the items can be found in an everyday home. 


1. Cold water

remove coffee stains with cold water

The simplest and most easily accessible method to remove coffee stains from your clothes is to remove it with cold water. If the stain is fresh coffee, just run some cold water over the stain (both the front and back of the stain) until it dissolves. Continue running cold water through the stain until you see that it has dissolved. Especially if it is a fresh stain, never rub the stain hard, always blot the stain to minimize staining elsewhere.

2. Baking Soda

use baking soda to get rid of coffee stains

Baking Soda is one of the quickest remedies to fix just about anything. From your toilets, your carpets, to even your coffee stains! Baking soda will clean up the mess in no time. Since baking soda is an abrasive substance, it makes a good cleaner to remove tough stains, like wine and coffee. For best results, allow the baking soda powder to seep over the stain for some time (at least an hour). The more it sits on the stain the easier the stain will come out. Another way you can use baking soda to remove your coffee stains is by combining it with cold water and gently blotting the stain. If it does not remove the stain to its entirely on impact, it will at least prevent the stain from setting further into your clothes.

3. Club Soda

can you use soda to remove coffee stains

Like baking soda, club soda is an abrasive substance that makes a good use for cleaning. The bubbles in the soda help eliminate the stain as it adds air to the material, making it easier for the stain to evaporate. Rub a small amount of club soda with your finger on the stain and let it sit on it for 5-10 minutes. If after the this time the stain has not disappeared, continue applying the club soda for a few more minutes.

4. Salt

best trick to remove coffee stains

Remember when you were a kid and you spilled something on the white tablecloth and your mom yelled at you to get the salt? At first, you thought she just wanted to add some salt to her food, but then you learned that in fact she wanted the salt to remove the stain! The earlier you can take care of a stain the better the effect will be. Pouring salt on a stain almost immediately after it occurs will save the stain from setting too much. Add enough salt just to covers the stain. You don’t want to add too much as it will have an opposite effect. Leave the salt on for about 3 minutes and then remove with a paper towel or cloth. The salt will have absorbed most if not all of the stain to make cleaning it much easier. 

4. Vinegar

the best way to remove coffee stains from cloths

Vinegar can be used for more than just your favorite salad. It actually makes a great stain cleaner as well due to its acidic base. The acid of the vinegar will combine with the acid of the coffee, canceling out the stain that the coffee has made. When using vinegar to clear a stain, you should be mindful that not every vinegar will do the job. White vinegar is the best type of vinegar to clean out your coffee stains. Blot a 1 or 2 drops onto the stain, dry with a paper towel, and let the vinegar do its magic. You should take into account that using vinegar as a stain remover will make your clothes smell before you wash them completely. If you want to use a stain remover and wear the same outfit right away, we will recommend using another method.

5. Baby Powder

can baby powder remove coffee stians?

Yes, you can finally use that jar of baby powder that was sitting in your closet for years (even though there are no more babies in the house). Apparently, there are many uses to baby powder, besides what it was actually meant to do. Sprinkle some powder on the stain and allow it to soak up the coffee spill. Wait 15 minutes or so. Finally, brush the baby powder off the fabric with an old (but clean) toothbrush or using your hand with paper towel.

6. Toothpaste

natural ways to remove coffee stains

Toothpaste works as an exfoliator. Just as you exfoliate your skin with a scrub, toothpaste exfoliates your teeth when you brush. The exfoliation process will get rid of coffee stains fairly quickly. By using an old toothbrush and white toothpaste, lightly brush the area where the stain is. This will exfoliate the particles of the stain, giving you that clean look you wish you had back.

7. Egg Yolks

the best natural coffee stain removals

You would think that egg yolks should be left for the kitchen to cook with. Surprisingly, we found out that egg yolks make a great coffee stain remover as well. Work a beaten egg yolk into the coffee stain with a cloth towel to completely eliminate the stain from the fabric. Let the yolk sit over the stain for several minutes to ensure that all parts of it are removed. By some unknown miracle, what the egg yolk consists of eliminates stains very quickly. 


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