Where to Find the Best Coffee in the World?


The best coffee around the world
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Where to Find the Best Coffee in the World?

Looking for the best coffee in the world? Dive in with us to explore everything about coffee consumption, unique coffee locations and special coffee drinks around the globe.

Which Countries Drink The Most Coffee?

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If you thought the United States drank a lot of coffee, you’d be surprised at the number of coffee drinkers in other countries. Coffee consumption by country can be measured by per capita, or by an individual. According to WorldAtlas, here are the top ten countries that drank the most coffee in 2018.

  1. Finland (12 kg per capita)
  2. Norway (9.9 per capita)
  3. Iceland (9 kg per capita)
  4. Denmark (8.7 kg per capita)
  5. Netherlands (8.4 kg per capita)
  6. Sweden (8.2 kg per capita)
  7. Switzerland (7.9 kg per capita)
  8. Belgium (6.8 kg per capita)
  9. Luxembourg (6.5 kg per capita)
  10. Canada (6.5 kg per capita)

What about instant coffee consumption around the world? According to the website Statista, these are the countries that will generate most revenue from instant coffee in 2019:

      1. Japan ($4.8B)
      2. United Kingdom ($3.14B)
      3. China ($2.27B)
      4. Phillipines ($2.02B)
      5. Unites States ($2.01)

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The Most Unique Coffee Drinks Around the World

Though there are various standard or popular coffee drinks that can be found around the world, such as the espresso or Americano, many countries have their own unique and delicious coffee drinks. Even if you have a coffee favorite that you believe is the tastiest coffee in the world, keep an open mind and reserve judgement until you have tried them all!

Café Touba (Senegal)

This is a traditional coffee, which is named after the city of Touba in Senegal. The drink includes mixing several spices, such as grains of Selim or Guinea pepper,  with the coffee beans while roasted. It is then drank from a filter - similar to drip coffee.

Cafezinho (Brazil)

The word "cafezinho" means literally "small coffee" in Portuguese. It is similar to the espresso in that it is served in small portions and can also be on the stronger side. It is brewed with sugar together with the coffee beans and traditionally poured thorough a cloth filter. It is usually served black, but some people prefer it with a little milk or cream. 

Café des Éspices (Morocco)

Like the coffee from Senegal, this drink mixes coffee with spices in the brewing process. However, in Morocco, they tend to use spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and black pepper.

Yuanyang Coffee (Hong Kong)

This popular drink is made by mixing coffee with milk tea. The milk is made by mixing milk and black tea. It can be customizable by allowing you to pick what type and flavor of tea is used.

Café Bombon (Spain)

This is a very sweet coffee drink. It is made of a 1 to 1 ratio of espresso and condensed milk mixed together.

Flat White (Australia)

This is similar to the Cafe au Lait found in France. It is made by adding microfoam (steamed milk) over a shot of espresso. However, it is served in a smaller cup than those used for a latte.

Egg Coffee (Vietnam)

This is a rich coffee drink made of coffee, condensed milk, sugar, milk, and egg yolk.

Espresso Romano (Italy)

This Italian espresso is served with a slice of lemon. It is kept to steep in the coffee cup and helps enhance the coffee flavor.

Türk Kahvesi (Turkey)

This Turkish coffee is made by boiling very fine grounds of coffee with water. It is a very strong coffee and is served with the grounds in the drink.

Café au Lait (France)

This is made with plain black coffee topped with steamed milk that creates a type of foamed milk. It is usually served in a a large mug of coffee.

Special Coffee Locations Around The World

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Heart Cafe (Portland, Oregon)

This Portland cafe not only roasts their own coffee, but also makes their own ice cream. They are known for their espresso, but we hear that their affogato is also delicious.

G & B Coffee (Los Angeles, California)

This coffee location is unlike your usual cafe stop. It is set up like a bar styled service and with bar seating. It’s menu is also unique in that it has soda versions of some of their drinks.

Tim Wendelboe (Oslo, Norway)

If you want a rustic and homey cafe, this is the one for you. It features wood and brick interior designing as well as a variety of coffee beans to choose from. You can also buy your coffee beans there.

Chillout Cafe (Dubai)

This cafe features ice sculptures and even ice tables and chairs. It makes for a cool (literally cool) atmosphere for you to enjoy a cup of coffee along with colorful lights and some ice art.

Bonanza Coffee Roasters (Berlin, Germany)

This particular coffee place has their own unique menu. It not only features special add-ins, but also two types of coffee beans that change every so often. If you like surprises and trying new flavors, this is the place for you.

The Hammock Cafe (Penang, Malaysia)

This cafe is the epitome of relaxation and coffee. Feel at home with the comfy decor. It features hammocks hanging from the ceiling where you can sit and relax. They also have tables and floor mats for you if you’d prefer.

East Beach Cafe (Littlehampton, England)

This fun seaside cafe is uniquely shaped after sand dunes and waves. It is made of steel and is a great place for you to enjoy coffee indoors or even outside with the ocean view.

Zapangi (Mangwon-dong, South Korea)

This is just one of many unique cafes found in South Korea. It features a cute, pink vending machine door that makes for great social media pictures. You can have coffee along with desserts featuring their unicorn and mermaid-themes.

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