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Our Coffee

Instant coffee has been around for many years (since the 1700s!). But as specialty coffee shops gained popularity, traditional instant coffee began to gather dust on grocery store shelves. Now, Waka Coffee is bringing the instant back. Make more time for the things you love, and spend less time making coffee.

We are reviving the instant coffee category with our quality instant coffee.

where can I find high end instant coffeeWe only source instant coffee made of 100% Arabica beans. Most instant coffee brands use cheaper Robusta beans, while Arabica beans are frequently found in your favorite coffee shops.  The Arabica advantage gives our instant coffee a richer, more complex flavor.

Our instant coffee granules are made using advanced freeze drying technology. Traditional brands opt for a mass spray drying process that sacrifices taste for speed and cost.  Our freeze drying method preserves the coffee’s authentic aroma and depth of flavor.

We source only single-origin instant coffee to preserve the unique flavor of beans grown in that region. Other brands offer bean blends to mask the taste of lesser quality beans.

Our coffee tastes like freshly brewed drip coffee. We offer the same beloved taste with less hassle.

It’s fast to make. No need to wait 20 minutes for your machine to brew just add water.

It’s pure coffee. Unlike bottled coffee, you make your own drink and know exactly what’s in your mug.

No cleanup. The most hated part about brewing is cleaning up the leftover coffee grounds. Our quality instant coffee dissolves right into your drink, leaving no cleanup or waste.

Take it everywhere. Take a packet with you on a hike, a plane, to work, school, or your in-laws’ house. You can now make quality coffee everywhere.

Reduce waste. No more paper to-go cups. You can recycle our box, and 4% of our proceeds go to funding clean water projects.

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