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Instant Coffee & Tea for Your Hospitality Needs

Treat your guests to delicious and easy in-room coffee.

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Elevate your hotel's coffee game with Waka. Leave behind the plastic pods and complex setups. Our instant coffee and tea deliver simplicity without compromising on taste. Your guests will get a rich, instant brew - hot or iced, hassle-free.

With thousands of rave reviews and features in top publications like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, we are sure your guests will have an unforgettable in-room coffee experience.

Easy Brew, Easy Maintenance

Simplify your housekeeping with less clutter, less waste, and fast replenishment. Leave out a few of our single-serve eco-friendly packets, or pour our bulk coffee into your stylish canisters. No more machine maintenance and no coffee grounds to discard with our fully dissolvable coffee products.

Boosting Housekeeping Efficiency with instant coffee

Have more questions, looking into customizable options or working on a large project? Email us at business@wakacoffee.com or fill out the form below with more information about your company and needs.

What we offer

• Short lead time

• Wholesale pricing

• Low minimum orders

• Guidance and support

• Free delivery

• Available via Guest Supply

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Waka | Instant Coffee for Your Hospitality Needs

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