Company Values

best instant espresso powdere are not just a pretty face with a great product. We promise to run our business in accordance with these five guiding principles:

1. Don’t stand to the side on issues that matter.

We will always respect other opinions and values, but modern day companies should also respectfully share their own.

2. Work environment is everything.

We have all worked in places where we didn’t want to be. We should not be like these places.

3. Always ask questions.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” -bSocrates A business that doesn’t know everything will always discover more.

4. We are not only about selling coffee.

To be the coffee company of the future, we should be more than the coffee we sell. Coffee is only one way in which we connect to our customers.

5. Bring your own guiding principles.

We are not preachers. All respectful opinions and values are welcomed. 

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