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Waka Coffee Single-Serve Instant Coffee Variety Bundle

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Do you want to try all our products and decide which one is the best for you? Love all of them and want to get them in a discounted price? Then this single-serve sampler bundle is exactly for you! It is great for your on-the-go coffee supply, saves you money per box, and reduces your per unit shipping cost.

We want to make it easier for you to have quality coffee anywhere you go. Here is the important stuff:

  • BEST COFFEE BEANS: Made of 100% high quality Arabica beans instant coffee.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Freeze dried to preserve aroma and original flavor of the beans.
  • GREAT VALUE: This bundle includes our caffeinated Colombian medium roast, decaffeinated Colombian medium roast and our Indian light roast boxes.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Our Indian light roast quality instant coffee is low acidity, pleasant dry finish with notes of chocolate and hazelnut. The Colombian medium roast quality instant coffee is well balanced, smooth bodied with notes of citrus.
  • FAST TO MAKE: Tastes like a fresh brew, fast like instant. No wait, no lines, no machines - pure coffee - no additives at all!
  • PACKED IN CALIFORNIA: Each box of the 3 boxes in this bundle Includes 8 - 0.1 oz. single-serve packets. Each box dimensions: 6" X 1.5" X 3"
Arabica Beans
We only source instant coffee made of 100% Arabica beans. The Arabica advantage gives our instant coffee a richer, more complex flavor. 

Freeze Dried
Our instant coffee granules are made using advanced freeze drying technology, while traditional brands opt for a mass spray drying process that sacrifices taste for speed and cost. The freeze drying method preserves the coffee’s authentic aroma and depth of flavor. 

Single Origin Coffee
We source only single-origin instant coffee to preserve the unique flavor of beans grown in that region. This quality Arabica instant coffee in this bundle is from India and Colombia. We offer the same beloved taste of drip coffee with less hassle. 

- Our quality instant coffee is fast to make. No need to wait 20 minutes for your machine to brew – just add water. 
- It easily dissolves right into your drink, leaving no cleanup or waste.
- Take a packet with you on a hike, a plane, to work, school, or your in-laws’ house. You can now make quality coffee everywhere! 

4% of our profits go to funding clean water projects through our "Add Water, Give Water" program. 

Wrote about us:
"The best instant coffee you can buy online" - Business Insider
"Instant Coffee Is Actually Good Again Thanks to Waka Coffee" - The Daily Beast
"Mimics brewed coffee almost identically" - Forbes
"Best tasting instant coffee" - Eat This, Not That!
"These specialty guys are making instant coffee cool again" - The Los Angeles Times
"Best Backcountry Coffee You’ve Ever Had" - Outdoor Life

    Curious to learn more? Check out Our Coffee page, FAQ page, or Instructions page.

    What is instant coffee?

    Instant coffee is a dissolvable coffee drink. It is made from brewed coffee that was converted into granulated coffee by extracting the liquid of the coffee bean. The instant coffee granules are easily dissolved when mixed with water to create a great cup of coffee, instantly. Read more about the difference between instant coffee and ground coffee here.

    This product is labeled to United States standards and may differ from similar products sold elsewhere in its ingredients, labeling and allergen warnings.