Open your own coffee shop at home
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Open a Private Coffee Shop at Your Home, Instantly

Open your own "best coffee shop of 2018" at your home. No need to see people, overpay for coffee, or even leave your bed. Treat yourself with a coffee-shop-like experience from the comfort of your home.

We gathered six mind-blowing ideas for how you can open and run your at-home coffee shop pretty much when you want to. Please don’t overcharge others for our coffee.

1. Read the printed newspaper.

Read the printed newspaer with the best instant coffee

Yes, they still print newspapers these days and you can buy one copy at your local grocery store, or subscribe to one of your local newspapers from a major publication that delivers to you. You can find what newspapers deliver to you through service like My Local Paper, where you can also see each publication’s pricing. Important people do that, and also people at coffee shops, so you should do it too.

2. Listen to a coffee shop playlist.

Listen to music when you make instant coffee

Coffee shops tend to play calming and quiet songs as a background noise. While you can’t choose what to play at the local coffee shop, you are the DJ at your new home cafe. Put these headphones on or tell Alexa to start playing. Use services like Spotify or Pandora to play a “Coffee Shop Playlist” -- yes, they actually have playlists like that! “Alexa, play a coffee shop playlist” now you try it.

3. Wear something cozy.

Wear something cozy with your instant coffee packets

Your coffee shop has no dress code (at least we hope so), so put this animal pj’s and your most comfy socks on. Feel like you are in your own home (get it?). We found some nice pj options here for you if you don’t have one yet. 

4. Have food delivered to you.

Food Delivery to your home with instant coffee

What’s a coffee shop without a good snack, right? Well the good thing with having your own at-home coffee shop is that you are also the executive chef. And like a good executive chef, you tell your other su-chefs what you want to make and they bring it to you. Yeah! Browse apps like GrubHub, UberEats, or Postmates to find that perfect snacky. Remember to look for the best coupons when you order. Check food delivery coupons here.

5. Use a bed tray. Like a king!

Use a bed tray when you make instant coffee

While coffee shops tend to hire designers to create their ambiance, we are simple people (and we are already stuck with our IKEA furnitures). Why would you hold the mug and plate yourself, sacrificing your comfort, and potentially creating a reason for you to wash your sheets before the two weeks deadline?? This is why you need to have your food on a bed tray like a civilized person. We found this $15 bed tray that has good review on Amazon. Your welcome. 

6. Have a quality cup of coffee, and make it fast.

Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee - best instant coffee

Yes, your at-home coffee shop will be nothing without a great cup of coffee. Duh! But while these fancy coffee shops pay at least a minimum wage for their baristas, no one is paying you for making your own coffee. This is why you want to save as much time and money doing that. Our strategy - Waka Coffee quality instant coffee. It is fast, affordable, and tastes like a fresh brew. You only need to add water to enjoy it.

We hope you will invite us to your at-home coffee shop! Cheers.

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