New Study Finds: Coffee Might Help You Lose Weight

Not only does coffee taste delicious, it also has many claimed health benefits. Now a new 2019 study says it can also help you burn fat!

Coffee has many claimed health benefits. For example, it contains many antioxidants and nutrients beneficial for the body, such as vitamin B2, vitamin B5, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. As coffee contains the stimulant caffeine, it also can result in increased energy levels and alertness. Due to this increase in energy levels, it can even lower perceived exhaustion and keep the body going for longer. Coffee even helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers the risk for type two diabetes. It also makes up for a great pre-workout drink.

Coffee and Weight Loss

new research shows you can lose weight with coffee

An acclaimed health benefit of coffee is that it helps with weight loss and in our society today where obesity is becoming an issue, this claim could mean big things for coffee lovers. But does coffee really help you lose weight or is it just a delicious drink with low calories? There has been much research done on the idea of coffee’s effects on weight loss, fat, and obesity.

Past Research

Not only does coffee contain appetite suppressing properties, but according to this 1968 study, it also helps to breakdown fats. It does this by breaking down fatty acids and turning them into free fatty acids that the body can use for energy. This 2014 research also talked about how drinking coffee can be related to reducing the risk of obesity. 

Current Research

The most recent research done in 2019 by the University of Nottingham reveals that drinking coffee can be a way to fight obesity. This research says that drinking coffee can affect how quickly our body burns calories and fat. There are two types of fats in our body: brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is responsible for producing body heat by burning sugar and fat while white fat is where excess fat end up being stored. So basically we want more brown fat in our body for a higher metabolism and a lower amount of white fat. This research on coffee and obesity shows that coffee stimulates brown fat to produce body heat and burn fat. This is great for adults, since their body contains less brown fat compared to children and teenagers.

drink coffee black pre workout

With the results of the new research pointing to coffee as a beverage that can stimulate our own body’s fat fighting defenses, it can mean big things in the future as more research is being conducted. It means that coffee can play a larger role in aiding weight loss then previously thought and can help address the issue of obesity in society. While of course coffee is only one way to manage obesity and the amount of fat in the body, it can act as an important addition to a person’s diet to help maintain a healthy and strong body!

Watch this video from CBS This Morning talking about the research to learn more.

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