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Should You Add Mushrooms to Your Instant Coffee?

Yes, more and more people are drinking the shrooms. Here’s everything you need to know about adding mushrooms in your instant coffee. 

should you add mushrooms in your instant coffee

What is mushroom coffee?

It’s not just putting some portobello slices in your iced latte. Mushroom coffee is taking medicinal mushroom extracts and incorporating it into your coffee. The “mushroom” itself can be considered a powder that you can add in your coffee as you would sugar, creamer, or any other sweetener. The purpose of adding mushrooms to your instant coffee is that it provides various health benefits you wouldn’t normally get from just drinking coffee. It’s an easy way to get a ton of nutrients with the convenience of having it in your favorite cup of coffee. 

The type of mushroom you put in your instant coffee is important; you won’t get the same health benefits from just any regular mushroom from the grocery store. The four main medicinal mushrooms used for mushroom coffee are Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps. Although adding mushroom into your coffee is another new and upcoming trend (similar to adding pepper or salt), medicinal mushrooms have long been used all over the world as natural medicine that dates back as early as 200AD in China.  

How is it made?

To put it simply, the mushrooms “extract” is made by picking the mushrooms, dehydrating them, then grinding them up into a find powder. To make the mushroom coffee, you simply add the mushroom powder into your instant coffee. 

What are the benefits?

why would you add mushrooms in your instant coffee?

In general, mushrooms are low in calories, they strengthen your immune system, and they function as antioxidants. More importantly, mushrooms are considered superfoods because they are so nutrient dense. As we mentioned earlier, the four main medicinal mushrooms are reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps. Each mushroom has a different health benefit and purpose for your body. So depending on what your needs are, you’ll want to decide which mushroom extract is the best option for you. 

Reishi: the calming mushroom 

Reishi is the most popular medicinal mushroom due to its significant health benefits and properties. Reishi in general helps with losing weight and boosting your immune system. More notably, however, Reishi is known to calm the nerves. As a result, Reishi mushrooms are often used to relieve feelings of anxiety or depression as well as aid in better sleep. This might help with the jittery feeling you get when drinking coffee or caffeine in the morning. 

Lion’s Mane: the smart mushroom 

Just like the other medicinal mushrooms, Lion’s Mane works as an antioxidant that can strengthen your immune system. However, Lion’s Mane is mostly known as the smart mushroom, because it can benefit both your neurological and cognitive health. Its properties have been shown to enhance cognition, improve your memory, and boost your concentration. So whether you’re studying for a test, memorizing a presentation, or you just want to give your brain an extra push, Lion’s Mane can give you just that. 

Chaga: the anti-aging mushroom 

Chaga mushrooms are considered a powerhouse for antioxidants. More notably, the Chaga mushroom battles against “oxidative stress” which is known to speed up the physical aging process in our bodies (wrinkles, gray hair, etc). The Chaga mushroom helps to slow down the aging process by providing more antioxidants to the body. This mushroom is generally known to be great for beauty and anti-aging purposes because it reduces inflammation and supports youthful skin, hair, and nail health as well. 

Cordyceps: the energy mushroom 

Cordyceps are best known to boost energy, stamina, and overall physical performance. They’re ideal for athletes or anyone who wants some extra energy before physical or mental activities. These mushrooms are often used in pre- or post- workout drinks, or throughout the day in your coffee when you want some extra energy. The mushrooms contain cordycepin, which improves your blood flow, and ultimately leads to better endurance and physical performance. Cordyceps are also continually being studied and researched for its potential to have anti-tumor properties that could slow down the growth of tumors. 

But does it taste like mushrooms?

what is the best mushrooms instant coffee

Probably the biggest question everyone is wondering. Most if not all people who have tried mushroom coffee will tell you no. The mushroom flavor you’re probably used to isn’t what these mushrooms supposedly taste like. So if you want to add mushroom into your instant coffee, it’ll probably be masked by the strong and naturally bitter flavor of the coffee.

Additionally, if you typically add sweeteners or milk, the mushroom flavor will definitely be hidden. You can also add the mushroom powder into your tea, smoothies, coffee, and even your soup, and you probably wouldn’t notice a difference. Those who have been able to taste the mushrooms say it has a nutty and earthy flavor, which is honestly a great complement to coffee.  

Should you start adding mushrooms to your coffee?

People often debate on whether or not there are any noticeable effects after trying mushroom coffee. Some say it has improved their immune system, while others would rather stick to their regular morning coffee. It will ultimately depend on the need you’re looking for and your general preference of taste. Regardless, this has definitely caught the attention of coffee lovers all over the world. Bottomline: If you’re curious about the mushrooms, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try it out.


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