Press Release: Forget what you knew about instant coffee.

November 20, 2018

As demand for quality instant coffee increases, Waka Coffee is introducing it's new product to the market.

Los Angeles, Oct 18, 2018 (  - Exciting news! We are proud to be launching Waka Coffee -- a quality instant coffee company.

Yes, instant coffee can (and should) be a quality product. Our mission is to help more people experience coffee in an easier way, wherever they are. We do it by delivering a simple-to-use and convenient coffee experience direct to consumers. 

Instant coffee has been around for years, but as speciality coffee shops gained popularity, traditional instant coffee began to gather dust on grocery store shelves. We are reviving the instant coffee category with our quality instant coffee! With our coffee, all you need is water, and you are ready to enjoy a quality cup of coffee on your own terms. It tastes like a great slow-drip coffee because it’s made from the same quality Arabica beans. But with our coffee, all you need is water - no more expensive coffee machines, waiting for your coffee to brew, or messy cleanup.

We are not only about selling coffee though. Through our Add Water, Give Water program, we donate a portion of our sales to charity: water, a New York-based nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to communities around the world.

Our founder, David, came up with the idea for Waka Coffee while living in New York City, juggling a hectic schedule as a full-time undergraduate student with a full-time job. David relied on coffee to fuel his daily routine. However, he quickly discovered that frequenting coffee shops and making coffee in a cramped NYC kitchen was complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. 

David honed in on a solution that wouldn’t require additional equipment and is fast to make: instant coffee.

While searching for the best instant coffee to power his days, David quickly discovered why people distance themselves from this easy-to-make coffee solution. Most products are made from inferior Robusta beans roasted in huge spray dried batches. This production method – used by traditional instant coffee companies – saves the companies money, but it sacrifices taste.

Waka Coffee sources only 100% Arabica beans instant coffee, which are commonly used in coffee shops, to provide the best taste. Our beans are freeze fried to best preserve the coffee’s aroma and depth of flavor.

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